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Episode 689

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Brandon Steiner is the CEO and Founder of Steiner Sports. Over 30-years ago, he started Steiner Sports with $4,000 and a computer and has grown it to be a leader in the sports memorabilia and marketing industry. Brandon is also a speaker and host of the Unplugged Podcast and the author of two bestselling books, “The Business Playbook” and “You Gotta Have Balls.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The power of relationships when building your business
  • Why you need to create a lot of chaos and confusion before you can see the clarity in your business
  • The importance of thinking outside the box and having your own thoughts and ideas
  • Why resilience and diligence are two important daily habits
  • How being a good communicator helps others join in your vision
  • Why picking the right customers and clients to sell to is a key to success
  • Why thinking is the hardest work you are going to do in your business
  • How the art of selling is differentiating yourself, adding value, and serving
  • Learning how everything is negotiable in business and in life
  • The importance of being prepared and confident in your abilities

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