How to be a true leader as a CEO, with Asha Saxena

Episode 788

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Asha Saxena is a director for several for-profit companies. She served as CEO of ACULYST Corp., a Healthcare Data Analytics Firm, built an eCommerce Company and served as a CEO of Future Technologies Inc., an international data management solutions firm for twenty years. Asha is an Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School, where she teaches Big Data Analytics and Entrepreneurship courses for graduate students and is a keynote speaker on big data. She is also the host of the Dive With Data podcast.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to overcome the challenges of being the CEO of a very fast growing company at a young age
  • The importance of investing in your people when building a company
  • Why many businesses go out of business because of too much opportunity
  • Why you need to focus more on what you’re good at, rather than being a generalist
  • The value of aligning your business strategies to the technology that you have
  • The most important job of a true leader
  • The benefits of having a team who understands your vision and strategy
  • Why you need to define what success looks like for you
  • Why it’s critical to be a mentor to your employees
  • Why it’s vital to have a solid financial plan when starting a business

Ways to contact Asha:

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