Knowing your clients and knowing yourself, with Allison Lanier and Scott Fogleman

Episode 902

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After graduating from Clemson University, Scott Fogleman began his career in advertising sales at The Wall Street Journal, followed most recently by a successful sales career with SYNNEX Corporation managing the Google Brand inclusive of Chrome Education.

Scott’s passion for higher education began during his time with Clemson’s Undergraduate Student Government and as a member of President’s Cabinet. At Up&Up, he leads the East Sales Region with a mission to impact change by bringing strong, positive, executable campaigns to his clients and their constituents.

Allison Lanier’s curiosity for the sales process began as a teenager while working in the retail environment. Years later, she graduated cum laude from the University of South Carolina, Aiken Campus and quickly realized her excitement for sales had developed into a true passion.

As a Business Development Manager for Up&Up, Allison brings her experience in sales leadership and execution from past employers such as Verizon Wireless and PepsiCo. At Up&Up, she uses her passion for people to create a positive, effective, and rewarding campaign experience for the West Sales Region.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Why defining and focusing on a niche is far more important than serving everybody and how doing so can help your agency find the right clients
  • How society is changing the value of education and how that affects messaging to prospective students
  • How asking the tough questions and challenging your clients can uncover the real issues and real solutions
  • What a client’s “authentic self” is, how to discover it and why learning it can improve marketing efforts for the long term
  • What Allison and Scott think are the most relevant skills for business owners to develop and grow their businesses
  • Scott’s best advice for transparency and personal growth for business owners
  • How to cope with hearing “no” and use it to empower you


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