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Episode 562

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Adam Urbanski arrived in United States from Poland with only $194 in his pocket and a limited ability to speak English. Within 10-years, he was able to build and sell his first 7-figure empire in the restaurant industry. Then he lost it all. He rebuilt and has consistently stayed on the bleeding edge of market trends. Today, he is the personal coach and mentor to some of the biggest names in the personal and professional development spaces. Over 100,000 coaches, consultants, speakers, experts, online marketers and entrepreneurs world-wide turn to Adam for advice.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds with resilience and strength
  • The story of an immigrant to the US who changed his own life
  • Seizing on opportunities as they present themselves
  • The important thing to do every morning
  • Taking lessons and turning them into actions
  • Cultivating your focus to improve your work
  • Putting systems into place that help you manage your time
  • Turning around from failure and making it success
  • How to be really good at sales and growing your business


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