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Podcast Topics: Helpful Prompts to Build Your Profitable Podcast

Having the right Podcast Topics deliver helpful and informative content to your audience is a critical aspect of launching your own Profitable Podcast. But — thinking of the abundance of creative topics you will need can at times seem overwhelming and become time-consuming if you don’t have a great process for it.

That’s why our team put together over 50+ prompts for brainstorming your podcast topics — the list will save you time and help you create a successful queue of content that will help you launch and build your profitable podcast.

Question prompts to ask yourself:

  1. Does this subject relate to your field?
  2. Is this a subject you are truly interested in?
  3. How can you make this subject better?
  4. How can you make a subject you heard someone else discuss different — more compelling?
  5. Do you like this subject?
  6. Will this subject help or interest your audience?
  7. What types of conversations are happening in your field?
  8. Are there questions people asking you all the time?
  9. What is your opinion on the subject?
  10. Have you written a blog post about this subject?

Brainstorming prompt tools and techniques:

  1. Google Docs or Evernote: Always have random topics pop-up in your head? Pull up your Google Docs or Evernote! These can be great tools in terms of storing of your topics.
  2. Pen and paper: Depending on your writing style, sometimes it’s best to write all of your topics, thoughts, and ideas on paper. Brainstorm your topics by writing on paper can help you visualize better and see where your topic is going.
  3. Whiteboard: At Predictive ROI, we love whiteboards. Whiteboards work great when you have a million thoughts in your head and you just want to have the room and visibility for you and what it is that you are thinking.
  4. Mind-mapping: Want to get the information out of your head in a highly efficient way? Create a Mind-map! This is a great logical way to see how topics connect with each other. All you need to do is start out with the main topic you’re thinking about and then creating branches off that main topic idea!
  5. Team Brainstorm Session: If you work within a company and are looking for new ideas, don’t be afraid to brainstorm with your team! Having other’s ideas and perspectives can help you see situations at a different angle which in turn, can create awesome topics.

Topic prompts for podcasts:

  1. Invite guests onto your podcast. Having influential guests that are involved in the same industry as you can be great as it can help give your audience a wider insight into advice and resources.
  2. Talk about a study you’ve read. Have you recently come across a study that took you by surprise? If it is something that you believe would interest you and your audience, create a topic that can surround the study and share your thoughts.
  3. Top _#_ lists. Whether it’s your Top 5 Resources, Top 8 Strategies, Top 10 Tips, lists can be beneficial.
  4. Talk about pain points your audience may be experiencing. We all experience pain points in our lives and they can be hard to talk about — but if you can harness the course — your story and be a great lesson to your audience. For Onward Nation, we like to address difficult podcast topics such as the Imposter Syndrome because we understand from personal experience, that business owners and entrepreneurs constantly feel this, no matter what industry they are involved with.
  5. Address the tough topics. Along with address pain points, there are times where tough topics need to be addressed. Drew McLellan, host of the Build a Better Agency podcast tackles tough topics in his solocast that Agency owners tend to look over. He shares his personal experience and solutions to create a better agency for their clients and employees. By having the opportunity to change the tone of your podcast and address issues head-on for your audience, you are showing how much you care as a person to ensure that your listeners take your lessons and apply them to their lives.
  6. Share a personal story. Have you recently been through a situation that you feel would benefit your audience? Understand what your audience struggles with and start sharing relatable experiences you’ve had and what the outcome was can help your audience see how to tackle different situations and relate to you on a different level!
  7. Share a story that is inspiring to you. Is there a story that has always stuck with you? Did that story help motivate you to accomplish something in your life? Share it with your audience! Motivate them to be better. We’ve received a lot of personal emails from our audience sharing their own personal stories and experiences explaining how Stephen’s solocasts (aired every Wednesday) helped inspire them to accomplish goals and become better business owners.
  8. Create a goal that you want to accomplish and share your progress. Looking to achieve a goal in your business? It could be that you want to gain new clients or earn x amount of revenue in y amount of time. Share your progress on how you are doing to attain and grow with these goals! Don’t be afraid to have your audience join you on the journey as well! Use your Facebook page or create a Facebook Group and have your audience share their goals. This will, in turn, create engagement. If your audience had huge goals and accomplished them, invite them onto the podcast and have them share their success!
  9. Talk about A vs B subjects. InfusionSoft Vs Ontraport, Hootsuite Vs. Edgar, Evernote Vs Google Docs, GoToMeeting Vs Zoom, iPhone Vs Android, with new up and coming programs, there are a lot of topics you could cover just by comparing them and giving your own personal experience.
  10. Talk about a controversial subject. Is there something you don’t like about your industry? Get down and honest about it! By being real and talking about subjects others might not talk about, it can help you stand out from the crowd.
  11. Share your thoughts. Is there something going on in your industry? Share your thoughts on it! If it is something that could affect your audience, create tips and insights to help guide them through it. (Examples: New SEO algorithm, Instagram’s new logo, a potential new law that could affect businesses.)

Resources to prompt more of your podcast topics

  1. Ask your email list for their topic suggestions
  2. Ask your podcast audience directly
  3. Reddit
  4. YouTube
  5. Forums in your industry
  6. Facebook pages/Private Groups you’re involved with
  7. Google+
  8. Twitter (Use the search tool. Don’t be afraid to dive into the hashtags)
  9. News
  10. A book you’re reading
  11. Your network
  12. Linkedin Groups
  13. Competitors Podcasts/Blogs
  14. Google Trends
  15. Look at your website’s analytics

Bonus title prompts

Get your brain rolling with these bonus title prompts!

  1. Traits of Successful _____
  2. Tips I Wish I Knew Before ____
  3. Types of ______
  4. Top Mistakes ______ Make
  5. How to Structure Your _____ for Success
  6. How to Create_____
  7. What is _______ and Why You Need It
  8. Why ____ Need to Stop ____ and Start ____
  9. Top __#__ Things _____ Need to Do Every Day
  10. Go From ____ to ____ with These __#__ Steps

Additional guides, templates, more podcast topics, and a comprehensive how-to process can be found in our #1 bestselling book, Profitable Podcasting.

Once you’ve prepared your list of podcast topics — you’re ready to begin working through how to create consistent cornerstone content from the list. In the short video below, Stephen Woessner, CEO of Predictive ROI will walk you through how to share your expertise consistently with your clients and prospects — and — keeping it all aligned with your topic list.



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