Overwhelm is a Choice: Overcoming Overwhelm in Businesses

Overwhelm is a Choice: Overcoming Overwhelm in Businesses

Good morning. I’m Stephen Woessner, the CEO of Predictive ROI and the host of our daily podcast for business owners called Onward Nation.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week.

However it is that you’ve come to our website, I want to thank you. Listeners of Onward Nation know that I say this often — and if you’re a listener, I cannot thank you enough — but I am so grateful that you would spend some of your valuable time with us by listening to Onward Nation — and — reading this blog post. We all have the same 86,400 seconds in our day — and I thank you — from the bottom of my heart — for spending some of your time with us.

If you’ve never listened to Onward Nation — I urge you to please give us a listen. I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking Stephen, you just want my download. You just want your numbers to grow. It is true — of course — that all of us here at Predictive ROI want Onward Nation to grow. Producing Onward Nation is a major time commitment — and of course we want to see our numbers grow. However — I believe that the lessons our guests teach us — day in and day out — are lessons that you can use to grow your business and improve your life.

And I’m going to share one of those lessons with you today.

On Monday we had Jodi Flynn on our show, and she absolutely crushed it. The conversation Jodi and I had was amazing — and she taught Onward Nation and I a number of life-changing lessons.

One of the lessons she shared with us was a lesson she learned from a coach — a mentor, if you will — and it absolutely rocked my socks.

“Overwhelm is a choice.”

Jodi shared with me her extremely relatable story on how her coach taught her this valuable lesson. Jodi was experiencing a time where she felt very overwhelmed — we’ve all been there — and Jodi’s coach told her that overwhelm is a choice. Overcoming overwhelm is possible. Jodi got a little frustrated with her coach — she didn’t feel like she was choosing to be overwhelmed!

But then Jodi’s coach explained what she meant a bit more.

“We feel overwhelmed,” Jodi told me, “when the perception of the time and resources required of us exceeds the perception of the time or resources that we have.”

And that’s absolutely right! Who is it that decides what is required of us? As owners of our businesses, we do! The time and resources that are required of us — these are based on the expectations that we set for ourselves — or — commitments that we’ve made. If what we’re requiring of ourselves is overwhelming — well — that’s probably a good indication that we’re doing too much.

And we don’t have to do to much with overcoming overwhelm. If you’re feeling overwhelmed — reevaluate the situation that is leaving you overwhelmed. You have options at your fingertips — you can delegate — you can outsource — you can do a number of things to take care of your state of overwhelm.

You just simply have to choose not to be overwhelmed — and work to put in a system that leaves you feeling more at ease.

Thanks for reading.

Onward with gusto!


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