Sell with Authority Turnkey Service Levels

Our Turnkey clients receive our full-service attention where our team jumps into the trenches with you to build out all 9 strategies and put them to work inside your business.

We will work alongside you to create consistent cornerstone content, slice and dice it into cobblestones for your audience across multiple channels, build out a sales funnel that attracts the right-fit prospects, create a value ladder so you have the right offer to sell at the right time, and much more.

As you will hear from our Success Stories — our Execution clients have realized a 5-6x return on their investment.


$5,000 per month
  • Dedicated AE
  • Monetization Strategy
  • Bi-Weekly Calls
  • Monthly Metrics Reporting
  • Dream 25 Work
  • Guest Outreach
  • CRM Assistance 30 min./mo
  • Cornerstone Content (Podcast or Video Series up to 4 EP/mo)
  • Cornerstone Shownote optimization (based on new audio/video)
  • Social Media Content Creation (based on new audio/video)
  • 1 Weekly Email (based on new audio/video)
  • 2 Gated Resources & Landing Page Funnels (Webinars, eBooks, or Quizzes)
  • Up to 2 Follow-up Relationship-Building Systems
  • Up to 2 Relationship Maintaining Systems
  • Full Access to Online ASM Membership site
  • Access to Weekly ASM Group Masterminds


$6,000 per month
  • Everything in Silver+
  • 1 Fly-to-you "Strategic Intensive"
  • Invited to be "Q&A" Special Guest once a year
  • +1 Weekly Emails (Includes Distribution on CRM)
  • Powerful P.S. Strategy
  • AudioWave, Video Snippet, or Quote Graphic for social media
  • +1 Gated Resources & Landing Page Funnels (Webinars, eBooks, Quizzes, etc.)
  • CRM Assistance (60 min/mo)
  • +4 Follow-Relationship Building Systems
  • +4 Relationship Maintaining System


$8,000 per month
  • Everything in Gold+
  • 2 Fly-to-You "Strategic Intensives"
  • Invited to be "Q&A" Special Guest twice a year
  • Featured as "VIP Guest Expert" during ASM intensives
  • Make Your Own Micro Funnel
  • +4 Follow-Up Relationship-Building Systems
  • +4 Relationship Maintaining Systems