How to Hire Strategically, with Sue MacArthur

Episode 105

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In this episode of Sell With Authority, we tackle a question that’s fundamental to our success: Can we all be better at allocating our time so that we have the space, capacity, and focus to more effectively lean into business development?

The short answer? Yes. Of course, we can. There’s always room for improvement in how we manage our time and efforts.

Here’s the twist — there’s another crucial variable in the equation of biz dev and time allocation — and that’s putting yourself first. When it comes to filling the seats within your organization, putting yourself last doesn’t serve you well.

We often hear the needs of others within our teams, and we rush to fill those roles. But — does that truly free up our capacity to sell more effectively?

More often than not, the answer is no. In fact — it may even increase the pressure to sell more just to keep up with the added capacity.

I recently read Buy Back Your Time by Dan Martell, which completely shifted my perspective.

Rather than hiring for specific roles based on perceived needs, Dan advocates for hiring individuals who can take specific tasks off your plate, thus freeing up your time for biz dev.

Today, I’m joined by a special guest expert, Sue MacArthur, President of Strategic Talent Management, who manages the firm’s business development, operations, and client services.

Sue shares invaluable insights into strategic hiring — how to prioritize roles, hire effectively, and ensure that you have the right people in the right seats to propel your business forward.

I’m thrilled to have Sue on board to guide us through this crucial aspect of building a successful business.

Get ready to take notes because the golden nuggets Sue shares will revolutionize how you approach hiring and time allocation.

By applying these strategies, you’ll free up your capacity, sell more effectively, and position yourself for success as we charge through 2024.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why agency owners don’t often strategically hire to free up their time for biz dev
  • Why the “seat-filler” mentality can undermine growth potential
  • Why agency owners should put themselves first when hiring for seats that need to be filled
  • The tell-tale signs of mediocrity and the best tactics to eliminate it
  • Dedicating 50% of an owner’s time to biz dev can be the key to your agency’s future success
  • How strategic reevaluation of roles and responsibilities can turbocharge your agency’s efficiency and growth


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