Differentiate to Stand Out, with Mark Levy

Episode 83

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I am thrilled to welcome our special guest expert to this episode of Sell With Authority, Mark Levy. Mark is the Founder of Levy Innovation and has an impressive track record of helping clients break free from the sea of sameness.

He’s done it over 25,000 times for prominent figures like Simon Sinek, heads of divisions within two different White House administrations, the Strategy unit of the Harvard Business School, the CEO of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, and even individuals associated with Major League Baseball who have spoken at the United Nations.

I invited Mark to join us today because he’s a true expert in solving a chronic problem that many agencies and consulting firms face — the challenge of standing out in a crowded market. Mark understands that even though you and your team might be branding, demand generation, or PR experts, when it comes to showcasing your own uniqueness, it can feel like you’re the cobbler’s kids.

Candidly, one of the most effective ways to attract a steady stream of right-fit clients into your sales pipeline is to stake your claim, own the ground you’re standing on, and, most importantly, stop sounding like everyone else.

Mark and I focus on how to pick the right story to tell — because by telling it — you step away from the sea of sameness in a real and differentiated way.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why agencies and consulting firms excel at helping clients but struggle to differentiate themselves
  • The common challenges that agencies face when being stuck in the sea of sameness
  • Why the key to attracting right-fit clients is differentiation
  • How agencies can distinguish themselves authentically
  • How to artistically select the perfect narrative to set your agency apart


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