How Strategic Engagement Makes You an Easy Yes, with Jamie Shibley

Episode 102

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I am so thrilled Jamie Shibley joins this episode of Sell With Authority for an encore interview. Jamie is the CEO of The Expressory, a strategic gifting agency that believes the key to accelerating your business growth and profitability relies on your ability to effectively nurture meaningful relationships.

Also joining this episode is Hannah Roth, Mad Scientist and Strategist here at Predictive. We dive into the critical world of nurturing client relationships and the artful science behind measuring the impact of your touchpoints. Jamie brings to the table her proven spreadsheet strategy for tracking engagement that’s skyrocketed results to an incredible 80% engagement rate.

We also pull back the curtain on how to understand the goldmine hidden within your prospect list. Jamie shares key insights on the importance of knowing not just who’s on your list, but who they really are — their goals, ambitions, and what lights their fire.

We tackle how to create emotional bonds that not only cut down the sales process — but build unshakeable trust.

Don’t miss the chance to transform your client engagement strategy with Jamie’s expertise!

What you will learn in this episode: 

  • Constraints agency owners face when trying to nurture right-fit prospects
  • Where to start when building a list of right-fit prospects
  • The most important things to know about your right-fit prospects to help you stand out from the sea of sameness
  • How to get the attention of your right-fit-prospects
  • Why crafting a process for strategic engagement ensures consistency and scalability
  • How to measure the ROI of strategic engagement


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