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Episode 88: Growth Strategy for Business, with Shawndel Spader

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Growth Strategy for Business? Discover techniques to move your business forward with our guide on developing a growth strategy for business.

In this episode of Sell With Authority we’re taking a deep dive into a critical question that business leaders must ask themselves; are we strategically planning for the future, or are we too busy reacting in the moment?

Growth strategy for business? Scaling your agency is a thrilling prospect, but it’s not just about selling more — it’s about ensuring that growth translates into lasting profitability. In fact, growth and profit are not always an elastic relationship or a perfect correlation with one another.

Implementing a robust biz dev machine is just the beginning. The journey to a thriving business involves navigating unforeseen challenges and avoiding trap doors that could jeopardize your success.

As we gear up to roar into 2024, our aim is not only to get you excited about the opportunities ahead, but also to equip you with the tools to build a foundation that can support a larger, more complex business.

Joining this episode is Shawndel Spader, CEO of Spader Group. With a wealth of experience in helping owners navigate the intricacies of business growth, Shawndel shares insights on how to avoid those trap doors and build a foundation for success.

I also invited Hannah Roth, our mad scientist and strategist here at Predictive, to join because of her unique perspective from working in the trenches day in and day out, alongside our clients, helping them build, scale — and then — sell with authority.

If you take and apply the Golden Nuggets shared during this episode, you’ll be ready to crush 2024 and make it your most profitable year yet.

What you will learn in this episode is about growth strategy for business:

  • What are three trap doors to avoid in building and scaling your business
  • Signs that a CEO is consumed by the day-to-day tasks instead of continuing to build the business
  • Why managing your situation is more productive than changing your habits
  • How to grow your financial confidence and effective growth strategy for business
  • Why learning how to manage cash flow helps CEOs delegate, set goals, and plan for the future


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