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Episode 100

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Because this is Episode 100 — it seemed only fitting — that Drew McLellan would be the one to join me back on the show for this milestone episode.

In case you’re meeting Drew for the first time — he is the CEO of Agency Management Institute and of McLellan Marketing Group.

Drew’s been an agency owner for nearly 30 years and walks alongside agency owners and their teams — just like you and me — every day, providing helpful insights, encouragement, best practices — as well as the properly timed hug or — in some cases — the difficult conversation that feels like a push — because he has an uncanny sense of knowing when we all need to make those tough decisions.

In today’s landscape — we hear a lot of people yapping about community and how important it is to build one around the niche you serve and what you teach.

But candidly — I see very few people actually doing the work necessary to build a community. I hear a lot of talking but not much doing.

Drew is different.

He walks the walk — and he pours the best of what he’s got into his community.

Here’s a proof point for you.

During the intensity of COVID — when the whole world was upside down — and all of us were trying to make sense of it all and how to keep our shops afloat — all day, every day — Drew was tirelessly gathering resources, research, having conversations with other experts…and sharing the details in full transparency every day — and sometimes twice a day with AMI members — to help us get through the storm.

He would never tell you this — but I will — during COVID — not one AMI agency was lost…not one member had to close their doors.

And in my opinion — it’s because Drew was relentless about making sure the owners in AMI community had what they needed to get through one more day — one more week — one more month — and beyond.

Back in Episode 2 of the podcast — Drew and I talked about the metaphor of how we could and should be seen as lighthouses to our audiences — that should work hard to become that dependable source of light when our audience is seeking refuge from the waves of the storm — that they know you’ll be there to help guide them to safety when they need it most — because you’ve done it for them over and over again.

Drew has been that lighthouse for the agencies inside the AMI community, and he has been that to me, personally — countless times.

Drew is not only my most trusted business advisor — but he’s also been my best friend in the world for the better part of a decade. It’s not lost on me how special it is that I get to interview my best friend for this podcast — that my best friend and I had an opportunity to write our book — “Sell with Authority” — together, that we teach together, and travel together, that we’ve shared the stage many times together — and that my soon to be 17-year old daughter, Caitlyn, has called Drew… “Uncle Drew” for as long as she can remember.

Episode 100 is special for so many reasons, and I’m grateful that you’ve chosen to listen to it.

We focus our attention on how to build a community around the niche you want to serve — and how to build a community for all the right reasons.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to build a community around the niche you want to serve and what you want to teach
  • The power of hosting live events as a strategy for audience growth and support
  • The building blocks that led up to the Build a Better Agency Summit
  • How to create a successful conference without losing your house


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