Proactive Tax Strategies to Keep More of What You Make, with Craig Cody

Episode 61

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On this episode of Sell with Authority, I am excited to welcome guest expert Craig Cody. He is the Founder and CEO of Craig Cody & Company. Craig and his team are renowned tax strategists who help business owners maximize their tax savings legally and effectively.

And in full transparency — Craig is our tax strategist here at Predictive. The results he and his team deliver for us and all their clients are off the charts.

We’ll dive into the world of proactive tax strategies, discussing the common financial concerns, pain points, and major issues business owners face. We aim to equip you with the knowledge to keep more of what you earn and implement a proactive tax strategy that aligns with IRS guidelines.

My conversation with Craig is crucial because all your hard work and dedication mean little if you pay more taxes than necessary. Craig’s insights will help you design 2023 in a way that ensures your efforts truly pay off for you and your family.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Tools Craig recommends for creating big impacts right away
  • Why documentation is key
  • What the Augusta Rule states how to take advantage of it
  • Advantages of Safe Harbor 401 K plan
  • Details about Craig’s upcoming informative webinar, What is Keeping Agency Owners Up at Night: Tools for Managing Cash Flow


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