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Hey Onward Nation — before we dive into the show notes for this solocast — let me first share a really big thank you. Thank you for the 6+ years of support. Thank you for all of the social media posts. Thank you for all the emails. And thank you for all of your encouragement over the last 1,000+ episodes. My Predictive ROI team and I are over the top grateful. THANK YOU!

Okay — while thinking through what I wanted to teach and share during this episode — I decided to build it out differently than any other solocast, so that meant creating show notes that acted more like a companion to the audio instead of highlights. So for this episode — both the show notes and the audio are important. The audio will walk you through how to grow your audience — and — then how to nurture your audience over a day or a decade using the New Lead Sequence (NLS).

The NLS is a strategy I learned from Taki Moore, founder of Black Belt. And as soon as he shared it with us — we immediately put it into a test phase inside the Predictive ROI Lab — and HOLY BANANAS — it works.

During the episode, I break down the timing, highlights, and main components of each of the six emails within the NLS. And then, I included visual examples of each email here in the show notes to make it super simple for you and your team to take and apply the content into your system.

Before we get to the email examples — here are the links to the books I recommended you add to your business library:

Content Inc, 2nd Edition
Killing Marketing

And — if you go here — you can order a 100% free paperback copy of Sell with Authority. No shipping. No credit card. Nothing. Just your free paperback copy shipped right to your door.

Okay — here we go beginning with Email #1.













Well — there you have it — a path you can follow to grow and nurture your audience. The New Lead Sequence will help you generate leads without your prospects ever feeling like they were a prospect.

If you have questions or concerns about the NLS or something else — please know — you can always email me at [email protected]. That’s my direct Inbox, and I read and reply to every email.

I also invite you to join our free Facebook Group call “How to Fill Your Sales Pipeline.” It’s a super-engaged community of agency owners, business coaches, and strategic consultants just like you, sharing their insights, asking thought-provoking questions, and sharing their expertise. If that sounds interesting to you — please join us.

Until then — onward with gusto!

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