Membership programs best practices, with Sandra Martini

Episode 1014

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Sandra Martini, founder of boutique coaching firm The Martini Way, offers her mentoring clients a perfect balance of marketing savvy, intuition and results-driven systemic implementation with a healthy dose of nurturing and love.

Sandra’s style is to learn about your goals and then reverse engineer them to where you are now, so you can create the quickest path to your goals possible without sacrificing your sanity or self care.

The sustainable success Sandra teaches takes time and work. If you’re looking for someone to tell you to call everyone you know and sell them a high level “X”, Sandra isn’t for you.

If you want a partner who understands the big vision and intimate details of running and marketing a successful, sustainable business; who understands you and where you are, who nurtures you while being completely honest and non-judgmental and who can pull from her years of hands-on business and marketing expertise, then Sandra Martini is ready to help!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How innovating in her prior roles gave Sandra keen insights into membership programs best practices that she carried with her into her entrepreneurial career
  • Why a great membership program takes intentionality, hard work, and a laser focus on providing ongoing value to your members to retain them in your program
  • Why a thriving membership program needs a great backend to support it, with systems, processes, employees, information-tracking and problem-solving built in
  • Why a powerful content library does no good if members in the program don’t know it’s there or how to access it
  • What pitfalls, expenses and potential obstacles you should be aware of when considering offering a membership program
  • Why it is important to offer upgrades to your members in your value ladder, and why you should avoid overwhelming yourself by trying to over-deliver on your program
  • Sandra shares a powerful strategy for targeting and curating your content to elevate your membership experience
  • Why an easy-to-navigate onboarding and welcome process is crucial for retention, and why it is important to avoid forgetting your existing members in favor of new ones
  • Why falling in love with your program can blind you to issues that can keep it from being profitable


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