Fit your business around your health, with Rochelle Rice.

Episode 207

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Rochelle Rice is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and educator. A former professional jazz dancer, her passion stems from the inordinate amount of stress in our society placed on thinness rather than overall health and wellness. She motivates people to bridge the gap between knowledge and action, information, and implementation when it comes to their health. Rochelle is the only woman to currently hold the Accredited Speaker designation from Toastmasters International and the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association.

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Secret – timesaving technique

Rochelle spends her time on the projects that bring in revenue soonest — focus on the income-generating tasks. ONWARD!

Daily habit that contributes to success

Stretch your mind, body, and soul — Rochelle begins each day by journaling, praying, and stretching her muscles.

Could have ruined your business – but now – an invaluable learning experience

Rochelle business was directly affected by 9/11 — and Rochelle tells the whole story here.

Most critical skill you think business owners need to master to be successful

“Fit your business around your health.”

Most influential lesson learned from a mentor

“Make sure the information sits well with you.”


Final Round – “Breaking Down the Recipe for Success”


What systems would you go back and put into place sooner?

I would have had QuickBooks back then — but unfortunately it didn’t exist.

How to exceed expectations and add the most value?

An individual would enjoy what they’re doing — and it’s up to me to play to their strengths.

What strategy would you recommend new business owners focus on to best ensure success?

  1. Ask for help — people want to help you
  2. Trust your intuition

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