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Episode 1028

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Mandy McEwen is the Founder & CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency based in California.

She has been marketing successful brands online since 2007. In 2010, she decided to utilize her online marketing skills to start a marketing agency, Mod Girl Marketing. Now, over a decade later, Mandy and her team at Mod Girl® partner with B2B companies to increase brand exposure and revenue through the power of LinkedIn and humanized content marketing.

She is a renowned content creator, speaker, and mentor with 8+ marketing courses and an Inc-rated Facebook group.

Mandy has been named a Top 24 B2B Marketer by LinkedIn, listed in Search Engine Journal as a Top 12 SEO Expert, and named a Top 20 Female Marketer by G2. Her agency, Mod Girl Marketing, has been consistently named a Top 20 Marketing Agency by DesignRush.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Mandy started her agency in 2010 after discovering her love of marketing, and how she uses her marketing skills to help business and agency owners
  • How Mandy came to focus on Facebook and LinkedIn marketing strategy, and how Mandy’s agency excels in helping create impactful personal brands for clients
  • Why Mandy believes that leveraging your connections, mailing list, and friends is the key to launching a thriving Facebook community
  • How Mandy grew her business to six figures entirely through organic growth and through her Facebook group
  • Why Mandy is focused on mastering the LinkedIn algorithm and utilizing LinkedIn to help humanize brands and tell their stories
  • Why LinkedIn’s algorithm is focused on personal connections and conversations more than anything else, and what changes you can make to improve your ranking
  • How to do keyword research through LinkedIn to help your content gain visibility on the platform
  • What steps to take to maximize the visibility of your content on LinkedIn, and how to slice and dice bigger content into smaller pieces that can be repurposed
  • How to get assistance from others on LinkedIn to help boost your posts while helping them boost their own
  • Why all of Mandy’s LinkedIn messaging and marketing strategies can work just as well on Facebook


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