The worst thing you can do is not act, with Kirk Deis

Episode 813

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Kirk Deis is the CEO of Treehouse 51, a digital agency based in Newport Beach and the new web app “The Bug Squasher,” designed to simplify and streamline project communication and website management. Kirk has worked with clients all over the world and has been a featured contributor for several sites including Forbes.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • One of the biggest lessons that Kirk has learned on his entrepreneurial journey
  • Why having a beginning, middle, and end to a story is so important
  • The importance of being confident and okay with failure
  • Why you need to always be focusing on business development
  • The value of focusing on building a team of talented people and providing an environment where they can grow
  • Why you need to strive to always be a student of your industry
  • Why you should always be testing your marketing
  • Why you shouldn’t underestimate the value of free
  • Why it’s critical to take risks when things are tough
  • Passing the DUMB test before spending money on something

Ways to contact Kirk:

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LIVE Wednesdays at 1:00 pm Eastern / 12 Noon Central

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