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Episode 524

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Kelly Hatfield has been in the Recruiting / HR field for 20 years as a successful business owner and entrepreneur. She is co-founder of the firm Enginuity Advantage and the host of the top-rated Absolute Advantage podcast. Kelly believes people are the greatest asset any business has, and to be successful, business owners must cultivate the talents of their team. Because of these core values, Kelly has created an outstanding referral-based network that has built and continues to build her businesses.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Where bad hiring decisions live
  • Using the best practices of marketing and sales to attract talent vs. clients
  • A recruiting method that can constrain the growth of your business
  • Strategies that business owners can use when it comes to recruitment marketing
  • Why Kelly defines success as progress
  • The importance of having clarity of your self-awareness when it comes to fear and challenges
  • What makes an A-player an A-player
  • Why it’s vital to attract people who are going to be a good fit for your organization and repel the ones who aren’t
  • The importance of painting a clear picture around your culture
  • Understanding and having clarity around the direction you’re headed in and why you’re headed there
  • Taking a close look at the processes and structure you have in place in order to take you to the next level


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