The Art of the Pitch: How to set yourself apart within your industry, with Judy Sparks and Katie Cash

Episode 892

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About Judy Sparks
Judy is the founder, CEO, and President of Smartegies LLC. Founded in 2008, Smartegies is a specialty marketing agency that has helped more than 150 companies across North America build stronger brands, implement effective communications, and develop winning strategies and proposals. Judy has worked in B2B marketing and sales roles exclusively since 1993, specializing in the AEC industry. Judy is a true expert in AEC marketing and has a proven record of success across her 25 years in the field.

About Katie Cash
Katie is an architecture, engineering, and construction marketer with over 15 years of experience serving the AEC industry. Katie is an expert strategist who helps her clients win big projects through creative marketing methods. Katie believes in thinking outside the box and has a gift for tackling challenges by using innovative and unconventional solutions. Today, Katie serves as the Vice President of Smartegies, working alongside Judy to help clients achieve maximum impact in their marketing efforts.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The struggles that Judy saw in the design and construction industry that led her to start Smartegies
  • Katie’s path to meeting Judy and what attracted her to work with Smartegies
  • The changes that are happening within the design and construction industry and why marketing seems to have become an afterthought
  • How Smartegies creates an impact and educates their clients on ways they can build a brand that will help them build their business
  • How Smartegies defines marketing and sales
  • Why Strategies talks about strategies and how to support their clients’ business goals before getting into a project
  • Why looking at other B2B industries can help innovate your marketing strategy
  • How companies can stand out in the AEC industry with the “Art of the Pitch”
  • The number one prevailing emotion that triggers someone to want to hire a firm
  • The three things that Smartegies believes a presentation should do in order to stand out in a pitch
  • The importance of incorporating emotional storytelling into your pitch
  • Why more agencies/organizations are not implementing the “Art of the Pitch” process
  • The skill that business owners need to master before being good at implementing the “Art of the Pitch” process
  • Why design and construction firms need to be open to the idea of change
  • The importance of recognizing when you need expert’s advice


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