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Episode 306

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Jay Irwin is an adventurous soul who is determined to inspire people through wilderness experiences. During his 23-year career in the computer software industry, Jay created entrepreneurial initiatives within some of the largest software companies in the world. After a year-long sabbatical, Jay now combines his love of adventure with his desire to make a difference in the lives of others. He teaches audiences, from inner-city youth to executives, how to bring the gifts learned from wilderness experiences into daily life to create powerful and long-lasting change. He is the owner of CBST Adventures where he takes clients out of their comfort zone so they can experience the metaphors of nature.


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Secret – timesaving technique

Jay begins his day with a specific morning routine — start and finish your day the same every day. ONWARD!

Daily habit that contributes to success

Set up the time to work with zero distractions — Jay shuts down for 90 minutes and focuses on his most vital priority.

Could have ruined your business – but now – an invaluable learning experience

Jay went from $1 million net worth to almost bankrupt — and Jay tells the whole story here.

Most critical skill you think business owners need to master to be successful

“Systemization and delegation.”

Most influential lesson learned from a mentor

“Live without regret.”


Final Round – “Breaking Down the Recipe for Success”


What systems would you go back and put into place sooner?

I would have had a financial system for viewing profitability sooner.

What strategy would you recommend new business owners focus on to best ensure success?

  1. Work on open communication with your team
  2. Assume positive intent
  3. Create a foundation of trust
  4. Gain a commitment around your organization’s goals
  5. Have an accountability system in place
  6. Focus on the result outcomes

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