How to Generate Leads on YouTube

Episode 1002: How to Generate Leads on YouTube, with Nate Woodbury

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How to generate leads on YouTube? Unlock the opportunity to attract right-fit clients and learn how to generate leads on YouTube.

How to generate leads on YouTube? Nate Woodbury is the producer for over a dozen YouTube channels. He’s achieved a great level of success, helping speakers and coaches leverage YouTube to generate leads and clients for their businesses. He loves pulling back the curtains to show all the steps he has taken so others can do the same. If you want to know how to get predictable, exponential results on YouTube, Nate’s the guy.


What you’ll learn in this episode is about how to generate leads on YouTube

  • How Nate got started in the SEO space before making the jump to creating YouTube lead-generation strategies for his clients
  • How Nate and his team refined their formula and truly “cracked the code” for using YouTube as a cornerstone content platform
  • Nate explains how to generate leads on YouTube and find right-fit clients
  • Why understanding what questions people are asking is the crucial first step to putting YouTube’s search algorithm to work for you
  • Why titling your videos with very specific, niche-focused questions is the key to topping the search results
  • What keyword tools are available to understand what viewers are searching for, and why YouTube’s analytics page is a powerful tool for understanding your audience
  • Why Nate’s strategy works no matter how many videos you’ve already uploaded in the past, and what five key details to be mindful of when creating videos
  • Why your thumbnail images should be custom for each video and should serve to “create curiosity” in viewers
  • Why launching five new videos per week is the secret to explosive growth after around four months on the platform
  • How Nate employs calls to action in his videos to turn views into leads, and why YouTube is a great platform for this strategy
  • Why Nate believes that following his strategy and committing to it for one year can create an additional seven figures of revenue for businesses


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How to Generate Leads on YouTube: Full Episode Transcript


Get ready to find your recipe for success from America’s top business owners here at Onward Nation with your host, Stephen Woessner.


Good morning. I’m Stephen Woessner CEO of Predictive ROI and your host for Onward Nation, where I interviewed today’s top business owners. So we can learn their recipe for success, how they built and how they scaled their business. Well, here’s one of those full transparency moments, Onward Nation back in December of 2017. So if you’ve been listening to the show for a while, and now you may have, you may remember this very public declaration that I made during one of our episodes. I don’t remember exactly which one, but it was early on in December of 2017. When I was sort of giving you a preview of the ways that we’re going to double down and being helpful to our audience in 2018. 


And one of those things, or one of those channels was, Hey, everybody, we’re going to launch a weekly YouTube series. Now, just candidly, it wasn’t going to be like a documentary. It was not going to be one of those daily life things where somebody follows me around in an airport or hotels or, or that kind of style of a channel. It was going to be sort of the hardcore teaching golden nugget insight once a week format. I mean that, that’s the style that fits my particular personality. Well, January of 2018 came and went then February, then March. And then all the while though, Katherine Bessler to her credit, Katherine is our director of operations. 


You know, she’s on my team and she’s nudging me. It reminded me about my promise because indeed it was a promise. And yet I had yet to record episode one. So we were nowhere near close to launching episode one. I hadn’t even recorded it. And then Kat, I have that very heart-to-heart conversation and it was the push and the accountability that I needed. And I was extremely grateful for it. It was really a kick in the pants. And finally we launched the first video for the YouTube channel in may of 2018. And then we published a new episode every week. And then we did that for a couple of years, but then I let it fade. 


Why? Because I guess consciously or subconsciously, I began to question the business value of it. It was drawn to other forms of content. Really that’s an excuse. And because I made that decision because I honestly, I just didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t know how to make it better. I didn’t know how to build a more engaged audience. I didn’t know that the secrets, if you will, behind organic traffic getting more subscribers, how to attract an audience through paid traffic and ultimately how the content could be leveraged to further plant our flag of Authority in the niche that we serve and fill our sales pipeline with a right fit prospects. 


And my guess is if you’ve launched a YouTube channel or are thinking about it, then you too might be questioning or feeling the same things and feeling like they’re kind of a mystery as, or a mystic dark magic voodoo, or maybe you have some of the same questions. So to help us work past all of those, I invited a true YouTube expert to join us, to share his insights around the channel and equally important around the content. So Nate Woodbury is the producer for over a dozen YouTube channels, his studio, which is called, be the hero studios works with works with, excuse me, business owners, coaches, and consultants, just like you and me Onward on how best to leverage YouTube to generate leads and clients. 


And one of the things that I appreciate most about Nate is that he too loves pulling back the curtain to show all the steps he has taken so that others can mimic that. So they can make the same sort of changes in their business that are predictable and exponential that leads to those types of results. So if you decided that YouTube is going to be your channel for cornerstone content, this is absolutely the episode that you want to pay attention to and that you want to take notes With or notes around and share it with your team. So without further ado, welcome to Onward Nation, Nate.


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How to Generate Leads on YouTube: Nate’s Introduction 


Thanks a lot for having me. And I really like hearing your story and kind of your perspective on the struggles with you too, because that’s a struggle that so many face. And the good news is I cracked the code. I really figured out the formula and yeah, I know how to make it, so that you can get massive, massive results from YouTube, not just posting content, but actually get results. 


Okay. This is going to be so awesome. I love it. When people say crack the code, let me, Ooh. I want to know that, but it all, all joking aside though, as I mentioned, the introduction, yes, you’ve cracked the code, but you’re also generous to share insights and wisdom and things you learned along the way, which I’m grateful for before we dive into some of the problems that many face, and then the, the code cracking take you, take us behind the curtain and tell us more about you and your path and journey. and then we’ll dive in. 


Sure. So I started my company 11 years ago and I found an opportunity and a web design space. I just started creating Joomla And WordPress websites to all small businesses in it. And it worked, it, it grew pretty quickly and I like, all my clients were happy, but I was kinda unmotivated or unsatisfied because of where my clients have beautiful websites, their websites, aren’t getting a lot of traffic. and I thought, well, that’s kind of important. And that’s what they’re there for. So then I created an SEO search engine optimization and that worked. I got my clients websites ranking on the top of Google and my clients are happy about that, but I kind of got discouraged again because I thought, well, these are not making any sales or there’s no like funnel there’s no conversions have been here. 


So I started to get into the video to make promo videos. And so when people came, there’d be a promo video to showcase their service and have a call to action and stuff like that. Well, around this time, this was just a few years into business. I made a big, big discovery, and maybe it is part of introducing What that discovery is a kind of described, how are we got these pages ranked on the top of Google, really what I want to illustrate it, it was a complex thing. We would create a how-to video. If you put that on the page, we would transcribe that video. So we have a lot of written content. We would use that content for our article marketing that would link back to the page. We would do blog commenting. We would do infographics. We put those on Pinterest and then come back on and on and on keywords and everything. 


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How to Generate Leads on YouTube: Unlocking YouTube’s Power


How to generate leads on youtube? It worked. We got these pages ranked on the top of Google, but then I noticed something, Hmm. The one-piece is how to video over on YouTube was getting 50 times more views quickly on this entire page ranking number one on Google. Wow. and it just, boggled my mind, like really just that one piece. And so I started shifting my focus for the next few years. I actually phased out my entire web design company because I’m driven by results. I’m not just like creating a service that I like using services or tools to get results. And I loved the results of these videos. We were getting on YouTube and I started refining my strategy more and more. 


And so here we are today. You mentioned 12, but actually, we now produce 20 different YouTube channels. Wow. We use this exact same formula, and it works extremely well for building your audience and generating leads for your business. 


Wow. Okay. So I know we’re going to get kind of a high level into some more, the tactical kinda of levers that you can pull and buttons you can push, but take us high level first. So when you think YouTube strategy or maybe kind of the code without the digit, it’s like just kind of go high level first. How would you describe that to somebody when they’re thinking about, should I think about YouTube? Like strategically? How would you describe it? 


How to generate leads on youtube? Well, YouTube has two main advantages. It’s an amazing search engine and it’s an amazing promotion engine. So we all have expertise. There are questions that people ask that we were like, Oh, I’m the one to answer that one. I know just how to answer that. And the problem is, I mean, even right, this moment, there are people going to Google, going to YouTube, typing in questions that you are the perfect person and answer, but they, they don’t find you. Right. They don’t, they don’t find us because they don’t know who we are. They don’t even know that we exist. And so that’s why YouTube is such a powerful tool because we can create the content that they’re searching for. 


How to generate leads on youtube and be good at it? It’s one thing to create good content. But if nobody sees it, then it didn’t do any, it didn’t do it to stop. I can have Steven Spielberg produce a video, but I put it on YouTube. And if they don’t put any marketing behind it or advertising behind it, no one’s going to see it. Right. Or even in Hollywood. And they do tons and tons and tons of advertising and marketing. So what we have to do is we have to find our audience first and we need to let, let me, this is a little bit tactical here, but the questions that people are asking, if we know really, really specifically what their questions are, then that’s, that’s the first step we can title our videos as their question. 


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How to Generate Leads on YouTube: Mastering YouTube SEO


Now, there are a lot of searches on Google and YouTube, and there’s a lot of competition there. I love to eliminate competition. If I make a video, I want to post it today. And I want it to rank. Number one today is completely the reverse of what I used to do with the website. Does that mean use to compete and compete and compete? Well, now I’ll go after a phrase. Let me give you an example, okay? How to invest in real estate with no money. So that’s nine words long, or how to get rid of strep throat without antibiotics. That’s nine words long. So if you find a really long, specific question that still has consistent search volume each month, you make a video with that specific title and you’ll outrank all the competition because the competition’s going after the higher volume search phrases. 


So that’s the first step. And think about that. Even if I pick a phrase, oftentimes people ask me like, well, this phrase only gets 10 searches per month. That seems like a teeny, right? But, here’s what happens when somebody goes and they, they type in that question, your video pops up and they think, wow, that’s exactly what I was searching for it. So of course they click on it and they watch it all the way to the end. What that does is impress the YouTube algorithm. So all you need is this trickle of traffic that will watch your video all the way to the end. And you know that these are your exact target audience. They are the people that are most likely to buy from you and you impress the algorithm. So the algorithm then gets to work, promoting your video to more and more people just like that. 


Oh, that’s funny. So you get search and promotion. That’s really the key. I call it my lead strategy because instead of going after your core, like on a tree, you got a trunk branches and leaves. Yeah. The trunk represents your core area of expertise or the branches of the different categories. The leaves represent these really, really specific questions. And, you don’t want to make any videos on trunks or branch topics that are too broad. You want to go really, really specific out to the leads. 


So I love this. I so loved this because really what you’re saying is I think that, let me give it back to you and make sure I am a hundred percent tracking with you. I think what I’m hearing you say is long tail, Good, low search volume. Good, but be super, super helpful around the long tail on that niche topic, because your audience is probably going to be super engaged to get the entire answer. And if they watch that video that helps you with then the algorithm, am I tracking with you? Yeah, exactly. Right. So great. And also just like on the traditional, it’s a traditional, non-YouTube SEO search engine optimization. We want to look for Predictive keywords or at least what we call Predictive keywords keywords that we know are going to deliver traffic and then create content around that. 


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How to Generate Leads on YouTube: The Power of Precision


So I think what you’re saying is, Hey, don’t just create a video for the sake of creating a video, create a video around what people are searching for. I know intellectually that is like, duh, but nobody does it, right? 


Yeah, we do. We think of a great idea. Ooh, I want to talk about this. You know what? I’ve got this model or this method I want to share. And so we hit the record button and we talk about it, but that what we, what we share is the answer, but what we need to pair it with is the questions. So if we can find what question people are asking me that might answer a whole variety of questions, but we still have a specific, I just shared a presentation I’m, I’m going to paraphrase to, for the sake of looking it up, but there’s a question like how to increase productivity in a dental office. Okay. So I might have the perfect model two to teach him increasing productivity. 


But now I know that wow, dental teams are actually searching for how to increase productivity and to a dental office. And then now I have the question and I can make a video. And I talk specifically to that group about how to increase it in the dental office. When I post that video to YouTube, that dental team is going to find it when I’m talking their language, I’m talking right to them. And there might be another video about productivity in a sales team or something like that. And so you, the more specific you are and where you can talk directly to your audience and Google and Google and YouTube, because Google, when you do it, how to say, it’s like this, most of the time, they show you a YouTube video. So whether you’re doing the search on Google or YouTube, now the search engine knows exactly who to show your video to it performs well and you get promoted more and more. 


These videos become evergreen. So you talked about doing these episodes for two years. Imagine if you’d used this step because all your videos have these titles. Your channel would be doing better today than it was then. You know, during those two years, even if you stopped your channel, it’s still doing better. 


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How to Generate Leads on YouTube: Utilizing Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool for Targeted Video Titles


This is so brilliant. Okay. Because then, you would actually title the video exactly. Like the search string, correct? Yes, exactly. So smart, because I recorded, I don’t know, a hundred plus videos, never once did that step is, I’m sure you are probably thinking, are you serious? Just in full transparency, recorded a hundred-plus videos, you know? So I don’t even know how many hours we’re talking about footage or, or, or just the hours and all of the production and no, no, not at all of that kind of stuff, but never was strategic. Like what you’re talking about. So where does somebody find that, like, to find like, like, I know we can use Moz, like in a traditional sense, you go to Moz and you can get a list of high-performing keywords? 


How to generate leads on youtube? Yeah. So a great question. There are a lot of good keyword tools and I’ve used many of them over the years. In fact, it was quite a complicated process because not only did I want to find a huge variety of questions, but I needed to ensure that there was still at least that consistent search for them each month. All right. Well, two years ago, as you probably are familiar with Semrush, there was a website, Yep. Very, they came out with a new tool called the keyword magic tool. And here’s how you use that tool. You put in any topic. You know, the example I gave earlier was productivity. So you can put productivity into the search bar, okay? You hit search. 


Then there’s a button that says questions. And so you’d turn on that button. So if only gonna show you the questions, and then lastly, you turn on a word count filter and where I started at eight. So my default is I’m looking for questions that are eight words or more. So typically I’ll find many, many questions that are eight, nine, or 10 words long. And that’s my default. It’s so simple. And you will come up with hundreds and hundreds of different ideas on every search that you do, and they all have a consistent search by name. So you never out of topics to talk about that are going to be these marketing machines on your YouTube channel. 


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How to Generate Leads on YouTube: Maximizing YouTube and Google Results


No, this is amazing because not only are you giving us the tool in the strategic structure, you are also given us some tactics here too, but you are showing us to not only how to like, create the right title, this can perform well in YouTube. But if we follow the recipe Onward Nation that Nate just gave us, that’s also going to help us in Google search results to not, not just in the video piece, like you mentioned, but also we’re probably going to score a featured snippet ranking because you were talking about how to do this. Well, that’s great feature snippet content for Google too, so this is amazing. Nate, thank you for that. That’s all awesome.


How to generate leads on youtube? Well, YouTube actually provides you with a lot of data. So you go into the analytics so you can see exactly where traffic comes from. So we know, okay. Yeah, we’re getting 35% of our views from search and external is another form. And sometimes you look at it externally, see, Oh, a big percentage of our external traffic is actually coming from Google. So we actually get a lot of search. And then when, once you build momentum around your channel around for months, you can start to get suggested traffic. And that’s where YouTube starts to promote you to a more and more audience suggested just specifically when people are watching one video on YouTube, then YouTube or recommend your video next. 


So it kind of refines the target audience so that it thinks will like your content as it starts to promoting you. And that’s when you go from just hundreds or, or the low thousands of views, then you get up into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of views when you get suggested traffic so often. 


So lets go back to your lead metaphor, cause this is really, really cool. I love the trunk, the branches, the leaves. Great, great visual. So then in your opinion, thinking about the leaves, is it possible to be too niched, to be too granular in the focus of the topic? Assuming that that topic is a proven keyword, getting traffic in your opinion, is it possible to be too niche in the video? 


Okay. So not if there is consistent search for them on that phrase sometimes because I do keyword research regularly with my clients and they’ll, they’ll tell me something, but it’s, it’s jargon and not a lot of people know the jargon or the way they do it is like, if I were to put in a lead strategy, no one is searching for that. That’s the answer. They are wanting to know how to get my videos ranked Ty on YouTube or something like that and get more views. And so, the more niche you are, the more target-targeted your audience is. And so it’s actually a good thing. There’s a channel Stan the annuity man, and all he talks about is the annuity. 


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How to Generate Leads on YouTube: Revamping Content to Match Targeted Keywords for Better Performance


So he doesn’t talk about anything else, even, even questions that his audience asks him about taxes retirement, or anything. Nope. He only talks about annuities, but he has built an amazing business around that. And people come to him for so even though he’s really, really niche, he is really able to, to really throw. 


So is it possible? So I’m thinking about our audience who is listening to you now in, In, but although just being transparent, there’s a little bit of selfishness in this question. is it possible to go backward? So let’s say that somebody has scads of videos. Is it possible to assume that the content matches, the granular keyword? Is it possible to now do the keyword research, and see if any of those keywords actually match an existing video contextually? And if it does, can you optimize a video from months ago to the keyword? Yeah. 


The answer is, yeah. I’d probably recommend just doing a re-edit and kind of a relaunch with that new title. Most of the time when we go back in to try and optimize our past videos, the videos that we’ve done in the past are just by nature. They are too broad, kind of like the example of, if I have filmed the video previously on the increase in productivity, I couldn’t go back and title it, how to increase productivity for a dental office, because I didn’t talk to him a dental team and the video. So in most cases, it’s, it’s actually way easier just to think, okay, I’ve got a lot of practice, I’ve got a lot of content I can talk about now, lets do keyword research and now I can figure out these specific questions that I can answer. 


And you know, you might find a video here or there. That’s like, actually, I did talk exactly about that. 


And you have to go for it. Okay. So then, let’s say that again, in the case of predictive, there are a hundred-plus episodes that are sitting there a way that they are not performing great. Some views not awesome. Okay. So now lets say that we adopt the strategy that you are sharing with us. And then we start producing stuff according to the keyword strategy that you mentioned, like, are we penalized in any sort of way because our channels got a whole bunch of stuff that may be YouTube is like, ah, and then we added some stuff that is really on point, does that, or do we need to create a brand new channel from scratch.


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How to Generate Leads on YouTube: Decoding YouTube Success


The penalties whatsoever you to really just focus on what you’re creating now and what you’ve launched most. 


Oh, amazing. Okay. So now, let’s go back to high level because we dipped into a content strategy, which was awesome. Thank you for that. So, so strategically, where does, where does like subscriber account and how to get subscribers or should we do paid traffic? Like where does all of that mix fit into the overall strategy? 


How to generate leads on youtube: In the end, they are really all just numbers. And so you have to go a little bit deeper and say, what do these numbers really mean? There was a gentleman named John Crestani that I met in the end of 2018. And he’s really public about his number’s how much money he makes the stuff. So I can even tell you, he made, he made $6 million in, in 2018 and he’s an expert of affiliate marketing and expert of paid traffic. He really wanted to grow a YouTube channel. Okay. So when we started filming videos, he started promoting them with paid traffic and he built his channel to 65,000 subscribers. The problem was there is no engagement, so there were no lights, no comments. 


How to generate leads on youtube? His ad revenue is turned on, but he wasn’t making any ad revenue. And ultimately it was not generating leads for his business. So it wasn’t. It was an empty channel. So when we met, I share it with him, my strategy and by the way, there are five ingredients that I teach and we’ve covered one. So at least strategy is ingredient. Number one. So with him, we launched it in the year 2019, implementing all five ingredients. Okay. And by the end of the year, this channel that growing to a quarter of a million subscribers and it was alive and vibrant channel, obviously lots of likes and comments. We have plenty of dislikes as well. And so those are good. 


It shows the engagement on the channel, but more importantly, it was a very profitable channel for him. He did have ad revenue. And I think that the December of 19, he made 18,000 that month in ad revenue. And which that is just the icing on the cake. The real good news is that it was a massive lead generator. So, and then we turn the channel back over to him and he is, he’s carried it on. He is almost up to 500,000 subscribers now. Wow. Okay. So pretty cool case study. Thank you for sharing that. So the five ingredients.


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How to Generate Leads on YouTube: The 5 Essential Ingredients for High-Performing Videos


It’s like this in the strategy that makes up these five ingredients. You mentioned the lease strategy already. So, what are two or three? 


How to generate leads on youtube? That’s the number one that leaves strategy. You got to do that when you got to pay so much attention to it. And so that’s why we talked about that one first or like I always mentioned that ingredient. Number two is the length of your video. So you want your videos to be an average of 10 to 12 minutes in length, an ingredient, number three, you want to have a good average retention or a good average view duration. So if you’ve got a 10 minute episode, but people on average or leaving only 30 or 60 seconds in, that’s not very good. YouTube is not going to suggest that video to more people, but some people are naturally going to leave early because it’s not a fit, but the other people that find a video, they are going to watch it all the way to the end. 


And so if you can have an average around 50% or higher, that’s, that’s going to help you with that. So you need, and there are some strategies that you can use to keep people watching your video longer just by setting proper expectations, setting hooks and stuff like that.


You could just one second, let me ask a question about clarification here. When you say the average attention to a 50% of our higher. So what we’re saying is that if you, our average videos, 10 to 12 minutes ideally you’d have somebody you’re the majority of your audience. 


Stay four or five to six minutes. Yup. Exactly. All right. Okay. Got it. All right. I’m sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to make sure that I have that correct in my notes. Okay. So what’s the number four. 


How to generate leads on youtube and what’s next? Number four is you’ve got to create a custom thumbnail. So the thumbnail is the still image that YouTube shows you how to do to entice you to click on a video. We see a whole menu of thumbnails With titles. Which one do we want to click on? Well, if you don’t design your own custom thumbnail, YouTube will just take a random screenshot from your video. Right. And you know, for a while that worked okay. But over the years, more and more people have begun designing their own custom thumbnails. And they, they, they are better if they create more curiosity. So when we see a video that doesn’t have a custom thumbnail, we kind of just skim over it. We don’t even see it. And the goal is to just create curiosity, the title and the thumbnail are always shown together. 


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How to Generate Leads on YouTube: Crafting Irresistible Thumbnails for Higher Click-Through Rates


So if we do keyword research and we find this a long phrase that’s going to be our title, we don’t need to reuse those same words on the thumbnail. We can put more compelling texts like attorneys never tell you this or something like that just enhances the topic of discussion. And if you can have a pretty like surprised or excited expression on your face or, or a mad or just something that’s like, Oh, I wonder what’s making that guy, man. You know? And if at first you just gotta take your best guess, where do I think will create curiosity? And then YouTube tells you if it’s got a good click through rate, you might look at your channel and say, OK, on average, I’m right around 4.5% click-through rate. 


And this one I’ve just launched and its down at 2%. OK, I’m gonna go to tweak some things that you can change the thumbnail as many times as you want. And that is, Oh, well I got this one up to 8.5. This is good. So that’s a custom thumbnails is ingredient number four. 


Okay, so let’s hang on to the click through rate for a second. That that’s interesting. I have not heard somebody talk about that as a metric with like the performance in the video. So when you’re, when you’re defining click through rate, you’re talking about somebody’s season in the search results and clicks on it from the search results. Wow. And so April, so what is your bogey number? You mentioned 8%. Like, is that your bogey or is it higher or lower? 


Yeah. For the types of channels that I produce with expert How-to content, if we’re getting an average of around 5%, that’s pretty, pretty normal. So when we get something that’s eight or nine or 10, I’ve even seen 11 a is my record at 13, I think my record’s 13% are like, well this is great. That’s a pretty rare to get a click through rate that high. But, but YouTube looks at, it tells you the number of impressions. So you know exactly how many people have been shown your, your video as an option. And then you know exactly what your click-through rate is or how many people clicked on it. And then how many views that resulted in or how much watch time. So like the average retention rate, it’s like, okay, this is an 11-and-a-half-minute video. 


People stick around for six minutes, 39 seconds on average. So all right, this video is to have this many hours of watch time and YouTube tells you everything. That is amazing. Okay. So what is the number? What is the number five in ingredient? Number five is a doozy. Okay. It’s a tall ask, but the results are massive. So I did it. I set the stage for Nate. Number five, you have to launch five episodes a week. You’ve got to launch five episodes a week or so. What happens if you only follow the first four ingredients? I guess what your channel will still grow. 


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How to Generate Leads on YouTube: The Power of Consistent Content Launches and Suggested Traffic


You’ll still build momentum. It’ll still turn into a lead generator for you. It will be gradual growth. So even back when you launched your channel and you produced a hundred episodes over those two years if you had followed those first four ingredients, your channel would be alive and vibrant today, and it would still be adding more subscribers. You’d be getting more views as you begin to add our revenue and generate leads. Assuming you had a call to action for a lead magnet or something at the end of your videos, what ingredient number five do, by launching that much content? The first four months are pretty boring. Okay. You don’t see that much difference. I mean, you’re launching more videos. 


So you see an increase of views just proportionally, but at the four-month Mark, that’s when suggested traffic really kicks in, oftentimes we’ll see a huge spike. I mean, we might have been averaging 500 views a day. And then all of sudden we have a 10,000 view day. And then after that we have a 35,000 view to I’m actually thinking of real numbers that we’ve experienced. Yep. And that’s when they start to really see the exponential growth. I’ll tell you another case study. So Noel Randall her channel is on fire right now a year ago is when, when we started with my strategy, she had been working on our channel for a couple of years. She had grown up to 6,500 subscribers, which is pretty decent. 


It wasn’t really doing much for her business in this little, not really so much for lead generation. So on January 21st, a year ago, we launched with my strategy and we did all the filming and everything for her. And we started launching five episodes a week with all five ingredients. And within the first couple of months, the channel started becoming a lead generator. But number wise, it just the first four months look pretty boring. We got to the four-month Mark and there is a pivot as we started to get suggested traffic where we crossed 2000 views in a day. And then, then we cross 30,000 views a day in a couple weeks, went by, we’re up to four. And then we’re up by the end of July of 2020, we are up to 5,000 views a day. 


And we were talking like, man, this is great. She had a waiting list cause she is getting more leads than that she can handle. And she is trying to expand. We have no idea what was coming though for her, the exponential, like the huge exponential explosion happened in August. She jumped up to 20,000 views in a day. She, she just stayed for, for several months. And then she even got up to is as high as I think our peak now has been 87,000 views in a day, her channel. And she says a lot of this data publicly, so I can share ad revenue is never a focus on revenue is never a focus in February of this year. So in February of 2021, she brought in, I think it was $52,000, just ad revenue and matter of news, not the focus.


Elevate your knowledge on how to generate leads on YouTube by attending this free tutorial from Nate


How to Generate Leads on YouTube: The Remarkable Success of Noel Randall’s Channel


Yeah. Here’s where the big news came from. She’s getting 100 people per day filling out a form to have a strategy session. So that’s 3000 people per month, and the returns on her Business are very large. 


So, what does the name of her channels so that our audience can do? Yeah, that’s a great channel. So it’s named after her well Randall. 


Oh, okay. So just in Noel, Randall and YouTube and then you’ll find it. Okay. Yeah. You’ll find her. Okay, perfect. So when you said suggested traffic, let me, let me get that back to you here again, just to make sure I’m tracking with you, is that where you go to your YouTube homepage and there’s suggested videos based on either subscription’s that kind of stuff or other areas of interest that YouTube might think that you’re interested in. And so if you are, if you are doing the five episodes a week and you’re doing that consistently for four months, you start appearing in the suggested video. Like your thumbnail starts appearing in those suggested videos for a whole bunch of subscribers. Am I right? 


What can we do? Yeah. I know technically the homepage that YouTube calls that browse, that’s another type of traffic. Okay. And so a lot, have a lot of people that are subscribed to your channel. That’s why it’s good to have a lot of subscribers because when they go to the YouTube homepage, they are going to see a lot of, have many options of channels that they have subscribed to. They’ll all see trending topics. And I do believe that you’ll see a lot of the suggested traffic there, but once, once they start to down a line of, of, of topics are content that they’re watching and it’s like, Ooh, they’ve watched this video. Here’s what you should watch next. And that’s, what’s called Justin. Got it. So yeah, it’s kind of like suggesting knew new content that they haven’t ever seen before. 


And and that’s, and that’s really like in August when the well started to get all of that suggested traffic, it, it was causing the tens of thousands of views. It’s a huge, huge promotion. Loved it. 


Okay. So in what our audience goes and checks out, Noelle’s YouTube channel. I know that they’ll get the visuals to the question that I’m about to ask you in the end, which is about the CTA about the SOA. Is she saying, Hey, go here and let’s do a strategy call or is it leading into like an ebook funnel and as a nurture sequence and then that, so how, how, what is your strategy around the actual call action is inside the video, like, like context-wise or on the CTA and then where do you place it or is it always at the end is at the beginning? Where or where do you play with it? 


Elevate your knowledge on how to generate leads on YouTube by attending this free tutorial from Nate


How to Generate Leads on YouTube: The Art of Effective Call-to-Actions


Yeah. Wonderful question. And it’s really important to understand that because the videos themselves are not promo videos. Right. And we found the question and so we make a video that teaches them and answers that question at the end of the video, it’s really easy then to give a call to action because you’ve given them so much value and you can give them a free gift. Right. So whether it’s whether it’s the book like you mentioned or Noel has several of them. So just depending on what she’s talking about, she might have a free resource. Hey, now that you’ve learned Abe and see if you want to learn this, even in more depth, we’ve got a free gift for you. She describes that, go ahead and click the link below. And so they’ll put that in the description are in the end on a link on the screen or she’s got a webinar or that she does. 


So it’s like, I’ve taught you as much as I can in this YouTube Episode, but I’ve got a free webinar. If you want to go watch this recording, it’s an hour long and you build a really understanding of this so you have that call to action at the end, you give away your free gift and now they’ve become a lead in your business and your sales funnel. This is really, really amazing. 


I know that we’re quickly running out of time here, but I do want to ask you about a pay traffic when you were talking about John Before. And so, if somebody is thinking, okay, I can totally do exactly what Nate is talking about. I can do the five ingredients of his overall strategy. I can even do the five episodes a week and I can do that for the foreseeable future. It could be super consistent. Is there a way to amplify this faster with Good paid traffic that actually adds value to the channel by attracting the right number, excuse me, the right perspective 


Subscribers. So I have not found a way to make it work, to grow the organic channel with paid traffic. Okay. Because think about how fine tuned we’ve got it with that keyword research. So, I mean, that is the most ideal traffic we can. They’re there. They’re searching for me specifically, right? My expertise. So if I do pay traffic, you can dial it in, but you can dial it in as much. And it throws off the analytics because you don’t, it’s like you’ve gotten so many views and then you’re going to have lower percentages. So we’ve done a lot of experimenting and we haven’t found a way to make it work. Now there’s obviously a place for paid traffic. 


Elevate your knowledge on how to generate leads on YouTube by attending this free tutorial from Nate


How to Generate Leads on YouTube: The Power of Consistent, High-Value Content


And if you have a video that’s high converting, it could make sense to send paid traffic to a specific video. That will be a big lead generator. But I have not found a way of accelerating the organic side of things. So this isn’t a get-rich-quick program. The first four months I talked about are boring. And I haven’t found a way of short-cutting that. And really like all of my clients, they come to me already with established businesses. Most of them have crossed that seven-figure Mark in there, so they already know how to have a thriving, successful business. We crank up the traffic and my commitment to them is, Hey, if you follow this strategy, you follow these five ingredients for a year then it is. 


And you know that 12 to 18 months, Mark, we should be just seeing an additional seven figures of revenue in your business. That’s a pretty big commitment to make, but that, that’s what I expect. They’ve already got that a momentum in their business leverage this strategy on YouTube. And yet let’s generate an additional 70. 


I figured it out revenue. I am. So this might sound surprising, but I’m actually super delighted to hear you say that as far as the paid traffic piece in here’s why, because I think oftentimes there’s a misnomer of thinking that paid traffic is, is going to be the silver bullet. And really one of the big takeaways that I’m, that I’m taking out of this conversation is create content that matters. There’s a super, super helpful to your niche audience, around a niche topic, be generous, teach, and be great for 10 to 12 minutes. And when you do that consistently on topics that are performing well, you do that consistently from the heart in being super generous, taking people behind the curtain, then you’ll be rewarded for it. 


And you can’t circumvent that by just putting a bunch of ad spend on top of it, you have to actually do the work, right? 


You’re exactly right. The results are quite different, too. When you have paid traffic that converts into customers, the leads that come through a funnel-like that are pretty low quality. There’s a lot that you have to filter out. And a lot, you have to qualify leads that come from YouTube. This has been a long process. They’ve been warmed up. They’ve been making eye contact with you in, in multiple episodes. So by the time they enter your funnel and become a lead 


And they already trust you, you know? 


No, they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re like a really warm referral you know, and imagine having 3000 strategy sessions with warm referrals that the type of results. Yeah.


Elevate your knowledge on how to generate leads on YouTube by attending this free tutorial from Nate


How to Generate Leads on YouTube: Last Bit of Advice and Connect with Nate 


So none, none of that. So thanks. So, so good on her. That’s that’s awesome. Well, okay. So let me ask you my final question. I know that we’re quickly running out of time here, but do you think that they are warm? So let’s see if I’m tracking with you here, do you think that they’re warm, because there’s Oh, if that person is on YouTube, then that person must be successful. What kind of like in Oh, that person is advertised on TV, they must have a successful business. So is there some of that, I don’t know, like mystique or a celebrity that kinda comes with YouTube at all? 


Definitely is. It’s funny when I first started making my own videos and then I will talk to people on the phone. They’re like, wait, are you the guy on the video when I’m talking to you? So you do have some. 


That is awesome. Nate, thanks very much for your generosity and living up to the gun to take you behind the curtain. So, so thank you very, very much for that being super generous. I know we covered a lot, before we close out and say goodbye, and any final advice that you’d like to share, or anything that you think we might have missed, then please do tell Onward Nation, business owners, the best way to connect with you. 


Yeah. The strategy that I shared is really tactical. Everyone can do it. The five episodes a week a is often intimidating. It’s worth it. But if right now, one episode a week is what’s realistic, then start there. 


Just get started, and make sure you include that lead strategy ingredient. Number one, it’s super important. Start there to start with one episode a week and start practicing and getting better and better on video. And when the time was right. Yeah, it definitely increased up till five. You know, looked me up on YouTube. I share a lot of my YouTube expertise there. And my channel is Nate Woodbury. And, if you want to connect, my website is


Awesome. Okay. Onward Nation, no matter how many times do you go back and listen to Nate’s words of wisdom, the key here is you have to take this generous blueprint that he just gave you, like the YouTube success blueprint, and put it to work, take it and apply it, put it to work inside your business and accelerate your results. 


I am totally going to do that. I’m going to be following this blueprint. So, Nate, we all have the same 86,400 seconds in a day. And I’m grateful that when you said yes to come onto the show you came onto the show in a super transparent way and generously shared your insights and wisdom so that we can move our businesses Onward to that next level. Thank you so much, Nate. 


Yeah. And you’re very welcome. This episode is complete. So head over to for show notes and more food to fuel your ambition. Continue to find your recipe for success here at Onward Nation. 


Elevate your knowledge on how to generate leads on YouTube by attending this free tutorial from Nate

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