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Episode 1016: How to Control Your Emotion, with Angela Kristen Taylor

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How to control your emotionMaster techniques to regulate emotions effectively and overcome chaos with expert guidance on how to control your emotion.

How to control your emotion? Integrative Productivity™ Expert, Angela Kristen Taylor, is mostly known for creating the Productive Flow Mastery™ methodology, her integrative whole body approach to productivity and business growth.

She is an engaging and relatable speaker who has made it her personal mission to help ambitious, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and sales professionals overcome stress & chaos so they can create the life and business they want and ultimately, the freedom and security they created their business to achieve.

Angela’s integrative productivity strategies helped her go from chaotic hot mess with big dreams and failed achievements to the woman who raised and homeschooled 5 children while running and growing a successful coaching company, and always creating the perfect balance for herself, her family, and her business, no matter what obstacle presented itself along the way.


What you’ll learn in this episode is about how to control your emotion

  • How Angela has found tremendous success and has managed to organize her life so that she works 4-5 hours a day and only 4 days a week
  • Why Angela believes that productivity is rooted in emotion, and how dealing with the roots of her “emotional clutter” helped her in overcoming chaos in her life
  • Angela shares effective techniques on how to control your emotion
  • How Angela helps her coaching clients by first helping them to “set their GPS” with visualization exercises to help them identify their ideal life
  • Why Angela’s focus shifted to working on herself, and how in 2010 she decided to take a new direction in life after struggling through the real estate collapse
  • What major changes Angela made that helped her in overcoming chaos and bringing order to her business and home life
  • How the four key elements of the Productive Flow Mastery™ methodology are emotion, energy, time and focus
  • Why the majority of Angela’s entrepreneur clients struggled with a challenging or traumatic childhood, and why emotional work is key
  • Why understanding your goals helps you take the right action to move toward them, block out time to do the work, and set your focus on the right work
  • Why emotions are the root of many of our behaviors and unhealthy habits, and what steps Angela recommends you begin taking to begin overcoming chaos in your life

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How to Control Your Emotion: Full Episode Transcript


Get ready to find your recipe for success from America’s top business owners here at Onward Nation with your host, Stephen Woessner. 


Good morning. I’m Stephen Woessner CEO of Predictive ROI and your host for Onward Nation, where I interviewed today’s top business owners, So we can learn their recipe for success, and how they built and scaled their business. And I’m looking forward to you meeting our guest expert today, because my guess is, if you’ve owned your business for a while, now, there are going to be some aspects, perhaps not every aspect, but some aspects of her story, where she started from what she went through, that you will identify with because you might be feeling the same pressures and challenges right now, or you might be on the other side of them. And if that’s the case, yay, or there’re going to be lessons from this conversation that might serve as some warning signs of what to look out for if you continue to build your business. 


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How to Control Your Emotion: Angela’s Introduction


So let me introduce you to Angela Kristen Taylor, a long time ago, in her words, she had two young kids. Her marriage was failing and she would describe her house in her car as messes all the time in capital letters. She wasn’t sleeping very well. She was struggling with regular anxiety attacks as she looked back on that. Now life didn’t feel so good and she didn’t feel so good. She felt like she was always rushing to do this thing or that thing. And always running late, never having the time to just sit and to be able to breathe. She felt like she couldn’t keep up. 


She was always stressed out and steadily gaining weight. Angela realized that her life needed to change, but she didn’t know what to do. And because of that, she felt stuck. She didn’t even really know what the problem was, but she felt the weight of that problem when she felt the pressure of everything around her because it was in constant chaos and she knew she couldn’t take it anymore. So, as you might imagine, Onward Nation, her business was suffering too because weeks would go by, and she looked back on those weeks and realized she wasn’t as productive as she wanted to be and or needed to be. 


So she started looking for solutions and like many of us tried a whole bunch of different things, whether that was therapists or doctors or diets or reading every book on productivity that might’ve been out there or motivation gurus and organizational expert’s and time management and a marriage and parenting counseling. She began experimenting them with different systems. She tried it on some new perspective, and eventually, she discovered the root, the root cause of all of the chaos in her life. And most importantly, Onward Nation, she discovered how to fix it. So from the ground up and based on all of her personal experience, and now also the experience of working alongside business owners, just like you and me, Angela has built what she calls productive flow mastery. 


And during this episode, we’re going to break it down into its components and as the biggest lessons so that you can take and apply them into your business and candidly probably into your life too, because oftentimes and intellectually, I know that we know this Onward Nation, the building is scaling your business is not about doing more or less time. It is about doing the right things and doing fewer of them. The wine expert Peter Drucker once said, there’s nothing quite so useless is doing with great efficiency, something that shouldn’t be done at all. And that’s one of the main reasons I am over the moon excited for you to learn from Angela today. 


So, without further ado, welcome to Onward Nation, Angela. 


Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment


How to Control Your Emotion: A Journey of Balance, Productivity, and Emotional Growth


No. Thank you so much for having me here and learning Onward Nation, I am so glad to be able to share this story. And it’s funny hearing you read it and go through all of that. It’s still emotional for me. It really is knowing everything that I’ve been through and how far I’ve come. And it’s interesting because my life is so different now. And what I love now is that I am so much more successful than I was back then. 


And yet I’m working far less. And I only worked the first three weeks of the month. I only work four days out of this week. And I only worked four to five hours that day. And I accomplished so much and that time. So it has been just a huge change or shift from where I was. 


Well, I’m going to ask you to take us behind the curtain here and share a couple more pieces of context around your path and journey in just a second, but Onward Nation. And during our first call, when Angela told me that she shared the three weeks’ and the four or five days and the four or five hours each of those days, I thought she was pulling my leg. I thought that she was actually teasing me. And then later on in the conversation, I don’t remember what exactly you said, Angela, but it re-affirmed that you weren’t joking when you set it the first time. And I don’t know if you remember or not, but I sent you wait a minute and you were serious, or you said that. And she was, oh, okay. They’re there are going to be some really good lessons here. 


And so take us behind the curtain. Tell us a little bit more about your path and journey. And also why is this still emotional for you? I mean, because the reason why I’m asking you that is because is likely emotional for all of us, right? Everyone in Onward Nation is listening to you right now. May not even link it to emotion, but it is linked. So tell us a little bit more about your path. Yeah, sure. 


So, I’ll start off by saying productivity is rooted in emotion and you’re first time it is rooted in emotion. And like you were saying, as I was struggling so deeply and trying to figure out what was my way out of it, how was I going to break free from this struggle? And I was so focused on success for my business, but I was also focused on success for my family is successfully and being a good mom, being a good white being a a solid partner in life. And it was just, I think that what going in all those different directions taught me was that everything helped a little bit, but none of it helped completely. 


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How to Control Your Emotion: From Emotional to Financial Freedom


Learn how to control your emotion before attaining financial freedom. And it wasn’t until I started implementing all of these pieces together that I started to move forward. And so I was stuck and what I refer to you as motorcycle. And so we have all of this emotional clutter, and these are all of the things that we’ve just experienced in our lives. I mean, if you can go back to your childhood and have emotional clutter, that’s still stuck in there because these are things that were like past, I don’t need to think about that. And that is gone. I was a different person now I’m older, I’m wiser or whatever. 


And so we kind of just shove that stuff aside, and we don’t really process it or try to understand that we were just like being, I don’t want to feel that we don’t, we feel that anymore. So I’m just gonna put that over here. And so what happens is this sort of accumulates in our subconscious like dirty piles of laundry. And so, because we’re always dragging this behind us, what happens is that then manifests in our physical lives as physical clutter. So we go from emotional clutter to the physical clutter in this is where we start seeing that there’s just chaos everywhere. We were collecting things. We are collecting programs and tools and software and items and our house. 


Learning wow to control your emotion and just start collecting stuff. And so essentially what we’ve done is we’ve created this boy beside ourselves, all of this emotional clutter. And so we try to fill it with all this stuff. And then that leads us to financial clutter. As we realize that we have to check our credit card statement to even see what we’re spending, because we, we don’t know where he’s going. And then from there that leads to overwhelm and overwhelmingly it is to shut down. And then when we’re in that shutdown phase,we’re literally not working or not doing anything because we just can’t, we just can’t anymore. And then eventually we realized how I have the new or nothing. 


I can’t live like this. I have to pay the bills. I need to get up. I need to move forward. I need to do something. And so we go right back into physical clutter and say, I need this tool and you need this system. And this program, I need this project. I need something that’s going to make me feel better, feel more motivated, feel more supported, but it doesn’t fix the problem because we aren’t dealing with the root. She has the emotion. 


Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment


How to Control Your Emotion: Breaking the Clutter Cycle


Do you know how to control your emotion? That’s really great. Well, sort of great. It’s a great explanation. Let me just say that as you’re sharing that, that made me think of, okay, as she is describing all of this I’m feeling, I’m feeling that there’s compromise. I’m feeling like there’s guilt when the compromise happens. I feel like somebody who’s stuck in using your words, the clutter cycle is going to feel like they’re letting their family down, gonna feel like they’re letting their team down. Maybe their clients down their audience, down the, whoever the stakeholders are in their business. Right. So, the clutter cycle sort of starts to spin maybe even faster, like metaphorically faster as all these things start to compound on each other, right?


Yeah. It starts to feel like you’re constantly under the weight of this cycle. Yeah. And you just can’t get out of it. You’re stuck. and that’s where I started to develop, as I was working on the staff and getting myself out of that cycle, recognizing that it was a cycle and getting myself out of it, I started to realize what contributed to productivity, what contributed to real productivity, not just being busy and they’re right. There was something that I struggled with. I felt like, and I can even look back at you, no Facebook memories pop up. 


And I had post that I wrote 11 or 12 years ago that, or saying how I was so excited about being so busy the next day and all these different things that I had to do. It was just super awesome. No.


I’m giggling because literally I saw a post from mine 12 years ago and it read almost exactly that. So I’m laughing because I’m like, oh my gosh, I did that, Joe. 


Yeah, absolutely. And so I realized that being busy and being productive were two different things. Right. And being productive meant I was taking strategic action that had a high return on investment for my time. And that being busy with just having a list of stuff to do. And I had not questioned whether or not the things I was investing my time in was resulting in an increase in either my business or in my life. It was just saying, well, my time is full. 


Therefore, I must be doing something. Right. And I wasn’t. 


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How to Control Your Emotion: Setting Your GPS for Productivity


Okay. So when you, when you said what contributes to productivity, so is, is that, is that the, is that sort of the litmus test then that you use? Like, if it doesn’t, if, as a strategic action, if it’s just busy work, if it’s not strategic action where I can see how the result outcome is likely going to be return on investment, then in your, and your mind, that’s not productive. That’s just what I would you say is non productive work or how would you categorize it is not productive then is what unproductive, I guess. 


Well, it’s, I really look at it from reverse. Okay. So when I’m first starting to sit down and work with someone who’s in that space that I was in, yeah. We first start off by setting their GPS is what I call it. If you get in the car. Yeah. And you’re going to go somewhere you don’t always know where you’re going and you’re not going to just get in the car and drive and say, well, I want to go to wherever you want to go Hobby Lobby or something, and you get the car and you like, I don’t know what he is, but I’m sure I’ll find it. Eventually, you don’t. You set your GPS. You say I’m going to go to Hobby Lobby in this area of town is location. 


And then your GPS takes you there. And so what happens is we’re not doing this and our life. So I start them by going through basically a visualization exercise of what they want their life to actually look like what they want their business to actually look like. And then from there, once we have the destination, then we can backtrack. When you say, okay, if we want to get here, then we need to start setting up our time or focus everything to accommodate that destination. So if we’re not doing that, then we’re just driving around, looking for Hobby Lobby, hoping we’ll bump into it eventually. 


And that’s not any way to get things done. Certainly not a predictive replicable model or a nice word. Thank you. 


But all joking aside though, isn’t it so interesting, right? We’re, we’re, we’re in a hurry to get things done and it’s just getting the car and start driving, right? Like, that feels like we’re being productive when we’re heading west, but we need to be going east. 


And if you don’t take the time to figure out what direction we should be going in, then we have no idea whether that work is busy work or strategic work, whether or not it’s productive or unproductive. We have no idea. We’re just having the dark. 


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How to Control Your Emotion: From Struggle to Strategy


So, take us on. So, you’re taking us on this journey of, and my guess is many of the business owners like you and I were talking about it in the green room before we started recording, typically our audience are agency owners or owners of agencies like marketing agency. They’re successful business coaches. They’re strategic consultants, generally doing about a million of $5 million a year in revenue. And so you’ve given us some great contacts. So my guess is our listeners are like, oh my gosh, that is me. Or the, it has been me or, oh my goodness. I have that to look forward to that’s soon going to be me. So sometimes there’s no escaping this. Right. We’re going to experience that at some point. 


So how, how did you, how did you get out of this cycle and then, and then discover What you had this methodology that you use today. Like how did you discover that? 


Learn how to control your emotion in every situation. So, It was a combination of two specific experiences in my life. So the first one, which I’ll call is kind of the step, one of the two step was being a single mom. So my marriage was failing. My ex-husband was and is bipolar, but wouldn’t do anything about it would even accept the diagnosis he was given. And so I realized that I had to make choice and I was either going to live that life or I was going to live a different life. And so I chose to live a different life. 


And I spent six years as a single mom with two kids. So when I first left, my son was five in my daughter is too. So I had to little babies and I just figure out like, how was I going to make that work and being self-employed and being self-employed would the big dream in very little income, by the time it was a struggle. It was a struggle. And I was constantly working on me to figure out how do I get out of this struggle? And I mean, I fought for staying self-employed because for me that was the dream and the passion that I didn’t ever want to let go of. 


It was just something inside of me that I thought, no, I’m, this is who I am, and I’m going to make this happen. And I don’t know how, but it’s supposed to happen. It’s meant to happen. So I’m going to keep going. And so I was like keeping hope alive, but at the same time there were times when we had to move because I didn’t have enough money to pay the rent upcoming, but could afford to prorate is I stayed in the same area and didn’t have the deposits on the utility. It was just getting down to the bare minimum of being able to make it yep. And so on. And I’ll tell you that this feeds into, I mean, projects that I have is works, but that was such a struggle in at the time. 


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How to Control Your Emotion: Turning Struggle into Strength


No, there was no assistants that I can qualify for because on paper, through the year, I made too much to qualify for any assistance, but I didn’t always have that on a month to month basis to actually make ends meet. 


So there were like peaks and valleys to be exact. 


Learn how to control your emotion and avoid the common rollercoaster. You are not entrepreneurs as we starting out and that’s very common. And so I wanted to keep going. So I just kept working on me. And that was the biggest thing was working on me, keeping my head above water emotionally. That was the big thing, realizing kind of, and working through things that I had that were triggers just from my childhood experiences, things like that. And then as I did that, I came to a point where I was getting towards the end that I said, okay, at the time I had only been working in the real estate industry with realtors. 


I come from the real estate industry. So this was like where I was and the real estate market had completely tanked and realtors were dropping out of the business, like crazy. And I said, okay, again, like I had my marriage, I have the choice here. I am going to continue on the, on this path or I’m going to choose a new one. 


And is there about 2007 to 2009 ish? Probably. 


Yeah. That was the time period for sure. Okay. And then when I finally said, no, I think I need to make a new choice was 2010. Okay. Got it. And so I was just over with the struggling and I was like, I just, I don’t want to fight so hard. I don’t want to have to go after this. So, so four set so much. And so I remember that I moved in with my mom, which was probably the most difficult and humbling experience I am with my two kids. And I said, okay, well, I’m going to enroll in school and I’m going to get my degree in counseling. 


Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment


How to Control Your Emotion: Surrendering to Change and Finding Unexpected Blessings


And this way I can do what I want to do, but not have to depend on being self-employed in the way that I was creating something new, or I can go with the tried and true method of opening up for practice or something. And so I said, well, let me get a job. That’s just something I can do. That’s just kind of brain-dead or something that I can just do on autopilot without having to think so that I can focus on school. Okay. And so I look at that as my moment of surrender, where I gave up living online. And I gave up to the dream that I had and said, I’m going to do something different and then to do this and a new way, and I have to do this for my kids. 


I have to do this for myself and I don’t want to fight anymore. And so it was funny because I got a job. And as the leasing consultant and my real estate background, or why not, and it was easy. And day one, I met the man who is my husband today, and he was single dad with two kids and his kids. He had one son that was the same age as my son, three months apart. And then one boy that was four years older and we met and we just connected immediately. And so when we moved in together and I just, it was like everything in my life starting. 


And all of a sudden I had, I went from living with my mom and having what I felt like was nothing but surrender. We are giving up everything that I had dreamed of to having a five bedroom house and working back in my business from home and starting to see that success ramp up. And all of a sudden I had four kids instead of two, and my needs and these kids were amazing. And I was homeschooling the kids, and it was just like this whole new experience, and everything had shifted. And then it was okay. 


Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment


How to Control Your Emotion: From Overwhelm to Harmony


Now, my business took off in a big way. So now I was, I was teaching three classes every week, live in person for two hours. So, three days a week, I was doing that and it was coaching 40 different realtors. And then I was homeschooling four children at three different grade levels. And we all had some kind of food allergy that was different. So I was, and it was at that point that I decided to stop eating meat and dairy. So I was making all of our food from scratch at home, and I was keeping this house clean and we had two dogs at first, but then adopted two more. 


We had four dogs and I was doing all of that. And I still had time to do the yoga, to Reid, to relax too, spend time with my new husband, to do all of that and not even think about feeling stressed or overwhelmed or anything. And I’m like, okay, wait a minute. What just happened to you yet? And so it was trying to understand how did I put all this together? So it worked when last year I was struggling to read what happened here. 


And so it was starting to backtrack how I had gotten from that place to this place. And then on top of that, were two years into it and we decided we were going to have a baby together. And so we had another baby number five, and I was nursing this baby non-stop and then doing all of this other stuff on top of it, and I’m just still managing or really, really well. And I was still had all this time to myself and like, how will I have you been doing so it was putting all of that together and realizing that it really started with the emotional work that I had done on myself when I was that single parent. 


Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment


How to Control Your Emotion: Cracking the Productivity Code


Okay. Thank you for taking us behind the curtain and being able to give us the context of what led into the methods. So if you, if you were to take productive flow, master your method and break it into its main components and then we’ll go into like some of the key lessons and golden nuggets in each of the components, but what is it at a high level first, before we go high-level, high level? What are the main components? 


Yeah. So I call those the four elements productivity, and that is the emotion, energy time and focus. So everybody who thinks they need a productivity coach or somebody to help with their productivity there. They understand the time and focus piece. I’m overwhelmed. I’m stressed out. I don’t know what to focus on my time. Management is a wreck. I don’t know what to do, but with the piece that they’re not paying attention to the piece that they think doesn’t and is not relevant to any of that is the emotional and the energy. And so I had worked on the emotional piece and I’d also worked on the energy. 


Any energy piece is how you’re feeling your body or how you’re moving your body, how you manage stress, how well you sleep at night, it’s all the things that give you the energy to stay motivated, to keep moving forward, to keep doing the work, to prevent yourself from going into shutdown mode. 


So why or why do you, why do you think, like what’s your theory on why the emotional piece and why maybe either people disregarded don’t want to recognize that maybe kind of downplay the significance and importance of it? Is it because is it because it’s messy? Is it because it’s hard? Is it because it forces us to maybe confront difficult things? Like, what’s your take on that? 


Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment


How to Control Your Emotion: Unpacking Emotional Productivity


It is a very complicated piece. So, some of it is messy. Yeah, it is. It’s absolutely messy, but also there’s a piece to this or that feeds into why we chose to be in the first place. So almost, and I say almost because they’re is an occasional where this didn’t happen. Most of the time, every entrepreneur I’ve ever spoken with as had some sort of challenging childhood, and it could be anything from you. No, I had a teacher that didn’t like me, that she thought me or I had a sibling that you used to you, no, knock me down every time I can get back up that kind of thing, too, having a parent that is just demanding where nothing was ever good enough all the way up to just horrific child abuse, but showing you that is, it doesn’t have to be child abuse to have made a traumatic impact. 


And so, whatever the challenge was in the child and experience we have often been taught, and this is a generational thing we have often been taught that emotions are not something that we work on. Emotions are something to hide, to push aside and to keep going anyway. Does that make sense? 


It does find it fascinating because I know you’ve worked with many business owners as your clients. I find the inflection point, I’m sure that’s not the right word, but basically some sort of challenge early on in their life that that’s the commonality in. And of course I’m internalizing that as you’re saying that, and I’m thinking, yup, totally. and I’m like, oh, wow. And when I think of, okay, so if I’m to think of other business owners, I’m like, I can see that just as you sort of a quick survey of people that are closest to me. 


Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment


How to Control Your Emotion: Unlocking Productivity


Yeah. But here’s the thing, it’s not what happens is that we leave this childhood experience and say to ourselves, nobody’s going to tell me who I am, no, what I’m capable of when I’m supposed to do what I’m supposed to do, and I’m going to be in control of me. And then the other piece of that is that we want to be the person that we didn’t have when we needed somebody’s. We want to be that person. We want to help in that way. So it doesn’t matter how it is the service and it’s a system or a tool. We want to support other people in a way that we did not have, but needed desperately. 


Yeah. And it all goes back to her emotional experience every single little bit. So if we understand where those triggers came from, and then we don’t even have to, it doesn’t have to be messy. It doesn’t have to be this big therapy drawn out process. And I’m not saying that’s not necessary, but I’m saying is, is that it doesn’t have to be that sometimes just acknowledging where something came from and how its affecting us today or somebody that’s enough that it releases the, the weight of it so that we would just say, oh, okay, that makes sense. And then that dirty Paul and laundry, or just, you know what away. 


And then, now we can move forward taking that information with us. And so we’ve dissected a little bit on emotion and energy, any, any additional context around time and focus more or more at an eye level as to why those are two components or the, or two elements. 


So those are the ones that everybody really connects with the most and as more aware of it. Okay. But it is when you understand, like I said, that setting the GPS moments, when you understand your destination, it’s easier to then backtrack what you need to focus on. And that way, what that does is it gives you your strategic actions that give you that ROI that you’re looking for. And then the timepiece, once you have you’re focused and you know what it is you’re supposed to do what actions you’re supposed to take, then it’s easier for you to block out your time to take those actions.


Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment


How to Control Your Emotion: Mastering Productivity 


But if you’re not doing that, then it’s harder to know what actions I take. You don’t know, you were just taking those stabs in the dark and hoping it works, filling your time with busy work thinking while I’m making progress, the maybe not, but it also makes it easier to identify where are your time needs to go and where it doesn’t so that you start to see how much free time you actually, you start to learn what things you need to be doing, versus what things you need to be delegating and finding the right person to delegate those tasks for. Because again, you know exactly what that person needs to be doing because you’re focused. 


Is this really smart, because you mentioned the time and the focus piece and getting them. So I guess what, what I’m seeing here and either correctly are, or wrongly, I don’t, no, I guess you tell me is I’m seeing the interdependency between all four of these two and how they work well, as you just describe a time and focus, I’m thinking, okay, if I get that right, and I’m making the right decisions, and I’m allocating my time, according to what I’ve decided to focus on, then hopefully that’s going to give me the right energy because I’m not maxed out. I’m not feeling like I’m completely trying to push a Boulder up the wrong hill. and if I am pushing the Boulder up the wrong hill, that then compromises me emotionally too, right? 


Cause I’m starting to feel guilt and all of that and need to do more instead of delegating, I need to take more pump. So I see how all of this blends together. Am I looking at that the right way? 


If you are, and there’s also two, the emotional or the energy piece support the time and the focus also. So it’s not enough to say, well, I have my time and focus, right? So my energy is quite the right is if we are not eating the right foods and if we are drinking too much at night alcohol, right, it’s usually because there is an emotional root to that problem. We need to calm ourselves down at night. So we have that glass of wine, or we need to comfort ourselves. So we eat that cookie instead of something else that we know we shouldn’t be right. 


Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment


How to Control Your Emotion: How Your Choices Impact Energy and Focus


And or we order the pizza and instead of going and making a meal, because we’re so tired and drained at the end of the day. And so what happens is because our emotions are driving or choices, then our choices for energy, or either giving us energy and where their training or energy. And so if your eating healthy food and you’re moving your body, well, you’re going to give yourself more energy to use your time wisely now. No. Where are your time as supposed to be going? But if you’re, if you’re making emotional driven choices with your food and how you feed your body or how you move your body, that’s going to look more like, I don’t feel like it today. 


I don’t want to go work out tired. I’m drained. and I’m just going to give myself that gift of not doing it today. If I don’t feel like it. And then what happens is those choices at up, and they create more drain because now our choices of having that glass of wine or two, three at night, and then eating these processed foods is the sugar lead. And we are going to interrupt are sleep, and now we are not sleeping. Well, then the next day we are going to wake up. We are going to get fuzzy. We are going to feel tired. We are going to feel drained and that’s no way to start our day. And so that’s going to drag on our motivation. 


It’s going to drag on our ability to do the things we know we’re supposed to do. So they’re very interdependent, very interdependent, and we have to work on every single one of them at the same time in order to create that, that ultimate version of yourself, that’s going to feel really good and know that you’re making an impact, not just the other people, but on yourself. 


Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment


How to Control Your Emotion: Setting Your GPS and Imagining Your Ideal Future


This is so good. And I know it wasn’t intended to feel like a therapy session, but my guess is and I certainly am walking away from some of this conversation thing and oh, wow. That’s, that’s really, really good. And you mentioned counseling and so forth. So clearly you have a gift for that type of conversation. Super helpful. So let’s, let’s say that some of our listeners right now are thinking, okay, how, how do I start making progress? So if you were to distill this down into maybe a couple of action steps or something like that whoever’s hearing your voice right now, that they should be taking, like, what might be a couple of tactical action steps that they could do? 


Yeah. You know, the really is, it starts with setting that GPS start thinking about what you want your life and business to look like, what do you really want it to do? Instead of just thinking, how do I get through day to day? Look, look into your future, put yourself on this, this ideal timeline and say, okay, I’m here now, close your eyes, picture yourself there and not own it. And look around you or what do you see? You know, how are you spending your time? What is your business look like it, or other team members around you is how are they behaving out? Are they functioning in your business? What does your life look like? What do you do when you get up in the morning? 


What do you do before you go to bed at night? What are you eating? How are you moving? How are you taking care of yourself? You know, look at the ideal. Don’t let your rational brain step in and say, oh, but I have to do this. I have to, no, just look at what the ideal should be in your mind. This feels perfect. You live every day like this. Oh my gosh. Imagine what I could accomplish. That. That is what gives you the ability to look back and say, now I know if I’m going to create this. No, this is what I need to do. 


Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment


How to Control Your Emotion: Breaking Free from Rules


I love the starting point of you said setting their GPS. I think that was great is easy and it’s, and right. It’s, it’s super simple to do, but it’s, maybe I should say is super simple to do, but it’s not easy or whatever that dichotomy is. And people say sometimes, and, but that’s what will keep us from aimlessly, wandering through the wilderness and actually getting clarity around that. Right. 


And you know, the hard part about it is really just getting out of your own way. Because, I was just saying, when we go into that space, we think we’re supposed to do all these other things. Yeah. So the best way to go about doing that is to not put any rules around it, or don’t put the rules around it. Don’t, ’cause, the rules are just, as, they’re not even always your rules, and they’re just rules that we’ve been conditioned to hear for so long that we just think, oh, what do you mean? You only worked three weeks a year out of the month. You only work four or five hours a day. Wait, what you take off Friday is like, how do you do that? 


Right. Because a lot of people hear that and they assume it’s not accurate because that goes against the rules. Right. It breaks the rules. How can you have a successful business and do that? Yeah. 


Like I said, I thought you’re teasing me. And then you send it out again. I’m like, okay, I need to pay attention. 


Yeah. And I did that by setting my GPS, realizing that I really didn’t want to do that much work. I love the work that I do, but I need to have a lot of free time to maintain the creativity within me and the playfulness with them. We naturally to be able to keep serving and supporting others. 


Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment


How to Control Your Emotion: Last Bit of Advice and Connect with Angela


Okay. Angela amazing conversation is I knew that it would be, I know we covered a lot, but before we go, before we close out and say goodbye, any final advice you’d like to share, and also please tell Onward Nation, business owners the best way to connect with you. 


So I would say again, just remember to set your GPS question and rules, and really look at all four elements in combination, ask yourself, where are you at emotionally? Where are you at energetically? Where are you at with your time? And where are you at in your focus? It’s bringing all four of those elements together that makes the true impact, the lasting impact, and really gives you the life and the business that you started this business for.


Amen, the best way to connect with you?


Yeah. So you were welcome to go to my new website, which is right this second is a coming soon page, but we’re having a whole new website done. But it’s Okay. And there is a button there on that coming soon page where you can book productivity, breakthrough session with me. So anyone listening to this is more than welcome to take advantage of that. That is 30 minutes. One-to-one with me. And I’m happy to offer that to anyone who would like to take an opportunity to figure out what is that one big productivity block that they’re struggling with and let’s break through it. And there’s no pitch or anything on that call. 


It’s just that time for us to break through whatever that one big block is. Great. 


Well, thank you for that. That’s amazing value. And thank you for being so generous to share it. My goodness and Onward Nation, no matter how many notes you took or how often you go back and re-listen to Angela is words of wisdom, which I sure hope that you do the key is you have to take it and apply it. She just gave you this blueprint, this roadmap. And now the key is to actually take her words of wisdom and apply them into your business and life, candidly right away and accelerate your results. And Angela, we all have the same 86,400 seconds and a day. And I am grateful that you, her generous to give us some of that time of your time to us today, to come onto the show, to be our mentor and guide, to help us move our businesses onward to that next level. 


Thank you so much, Angela. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. This episode is complete. So head over to for show notes and more foods. If you or your ambition, continue to find your recipe for success here at Onward Nation. 


Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment

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