Create a Vivid Vision, with Graeme Strachan

Episode 1023

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Graeme Strachan is the founder and CEO of ViTL Solutions. He brings his 20+ years of management consulting experience to industries as diverse as financial services, mining, education, digital media, and the nonprofit world. Graeme has a passion for helping companies succeed by aligning operational reality to strategic intent and supporting clients to breakthrough thinking to solve complex business challenges.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The importance of orchestrating high-level initiatives that impact the bottom line
  • Why it’s such a problem when a company’s initiatives don’t fully align with their strategy
  • How often Graeme finds that companies are misaligned and how that disconnect develops
  • How Graeme and his team create re-alignment in a business and encourage executive-level buy-in
  • Why ViTL Solutions are a values-driven company, and what the four cultural tenets are that provide their touchstone


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