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Episode 1020: Email Marketing Strategy Examples, with Stephen Woessner

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Email marketing strategy examples — Boost your engagement and conversion rates by nurturing our email marketing strategy examples.

Hey Onward Nation — before we dive into the show notes for this solocast — let me first share a really big thank you. Thank you for the 6+ years of support. Thank you for all of the social media posts. Thank you for all the emails. And thank you for all of your encouragement over the last 1,000+ episodes. My Predictive ROI team and I are over the top grateful. THANK YOU!

Email marketing strategy examples — Okay, while thinking through what I wanted to teach and share during this episode — I decided to build it out differently than any other solocast, so that meant creating show notes that acted more like a companion to the audio instead of highlights. So for this episode — both the show notes and the audio are important. The audio will walk you through how to grow your audience — and — then how to nurture your audience over a day or a decade using the New Lead Sequence (NLS).

The NLS is a strategy I learned from Taki Moore, founder of Black Belt. And as soon as he shared it with us — we immediately put it into a test phase inside the Predictive ROI Lab — and HOLY BANANAS — it works.

Before we get to the email examples — here are the links to the books I recommended you add to your business library:

Content Inc, 2nd Edition

Killing Marketing

And — if you go here — you can order a 100% free paperback copy of Sell with Authority. No shipping. No credit card. Nothing. Just your free paperback copy shipped right to your door.

Okay — here we go beginning with Email #1.













Well — there you have it — a path you can follow to grow and nurture your audience. The New Lead Sequence will help you generate leads without your prospects ever feeling like they were a prospect.

If you have questions or concerns about the NLS or something else — please know — you can always email me at [email protected]. That’s my direct Inbox, and I read and reply to every email.

I also invite you to join our free Facebook Group call “How to Fill Your Sales Pipeline.” It’s a super-engaged community of agency owners, business coaches, and strategic consultants just like you, sharing their insights, asking thought-provoking questions, and sharing their expertise. If that sounds interesting to you — please join us.

Until then — onward with gusto!


What you’ll learn in this episode is about email marketing strategy examples

  • Breaking down the timing, highlights, and main components of each six emails within the NLS
  • Visual examples of each email to make it super simple for you and your team to take and apply the content into your system.
  • Best email marketing strategy examples to boost your engagement and conversion rates

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Email Marketing Strategy Examples: Full Episode Transcript


Get ready to find your recipe for success from America’s top business owners here at Onward Nation with your host, Stephen Woessner. 


Good morning, Onward Nation. This is Stephen Woessner, CEO of Predictive ROI and your host before we dive into today’s episode, which is actually going to be a solo cast. If you’re new to the Onward Nation podcast, I think it’s probably about every six or seven weeks or so. I recorded a solo cast where just me or no guest, a, it was just me and you and being able to cover a particular topic in-depth, and that’s what we’re going to do today. And I hope that you find that it’s a super helpful conversation with a list of resources and examples. We are going to take a pretty deep dive into our topic, which is going to be Grow and nurture your audience. 


So we’re going to get into the why and the how to do and why this is such a valuable asset in a, but before we do that, I just wanted to take a minute, ah, and say, thank you, thank you for the opportunity to share a thousand plus episode’s with you. Thank you for the opportunity to share insights and expertise from our incredibly generous guests with you and over 140 countries. Thank you for being able to, in the last six years, a mass of 10,000 email subscribers, thank you for that. A thank you to the 27,000 people who have connected with us on LinkedIn. 


Thank you. And thank you for all of the support, the encouragement, the advice. So the recommendations, the insights on how we can be better over the last six plus years. My team and I at Predictive ROI are extremely excited about all of that. And for this incredible opportunity to be able to be with you, we can week out we’re grateful for your time. As you probably heard me say, we all have the same 86,400 seconds, and a day in it is not lost on us here at Predictive ROI, so you’re taking time out of your day to share that with us. 


And we are very grateful for that. So thank you. So now let’s dive into Grow and nurture your audience first; why, on the surface, when you hear that grow, nurture, nurture your audience, we think will sure. Of course. I mean that it seems like a reasonable thing that a business owner would want to do. So if you’re an agency owner or business coach or a strategic consultant, you might be thinking, sure, yeah. Okay. I want to grow my audience, but let’s talk a little bit more about why. So if I were to ask you what the most valuable asset in your business is, it would give you a hint about what is not. Maybe you have an incredible office, or maybe you have really expensive computers. 


Learn more about email marketing strategy examples by tuning in to this podcast: How To Build An Email List For Free


Email Marketing Strategy Examples: Unlocking the True Value of Your Addressable Audience


Email marketing strategy examples? So maybe you have a great team, or maybe it’s a very impressive client list. The hint is it’s actually none of those things. It’s something that doesn’t show up on your balance sheet as a current asset or a long-term asset. It doesn’t show up anywhere like that, but yet it is your most valuable asset in your business. And, of course, I’m kind of giving it away with the title of this solo cast. When I say Grow and nurture your audience, you might say audience a, but it’s actually even deeper than that one, maybe a couple of layers deeper than that. And it’s not just your audience, but it’s your addressable audience, which means that the email opt-in means how you have grown and nurtured your addressable audience, the audience that you can be in touch with through email whenever you have something valuable to share with them. 


And so I’m gonna take a step back for a second, and then we’ll go forward into the how, and I just want to illustrate more about the Y and the value of it. So, a couple of weeks ago, maybe you were also in attendance. And if so, maybe we got a chance to say high. So my team and I, well, a few members of my teams. So Catherine Bessler and Eric Jensen, my teammates here or predictive, were also on my leadership team. We attended the Build a Better Agency summit in Chicago. So that was August. I believe it was ninth, 10th and 11th. If I have my dates, right? The summit was hosted by Drew McLellan, CEO of Agency Management Institute. 


And it was absolutely, without a doubt, off the charts. Amazing. In fact, the tickets for the May 2022 summit have already gone on sale and, or are going fast. So if that is of interest to you, go to the agency management and check it out; it is going to be spectacular. This one was spectacular. Next year is going to be spectacular. It was just off the charts. Amazing. So, there is a lineup of incredible speakers, super generous speakers, and wicked smart speakers. It was really the who’s who; I mean, it was just amazing. And two of them, and now I’m going to a site, a couple of things from, to have them. I can do several different solar casts on each one of the speakers because the depth of content and the generosity and sharing of their smarts were amazing. 


Enhance your knowledge of email marketing strategy examples by applying the process in this free video


Email Marketing Strategy Examples: The Power of Building Your Addressable Audience


Email marketing strategy examples — So I’m picking Joe Izzy, who’s the founder of a content marketing Institute who later went on to sell it to UVM or sell CMI to UVM, but he is also the author of the incredible book Content, Inc., which actually just released the second or the second edition was just released. Let me say it that way. So he spoke on the second day, and then Robert Rose actually kicked off the first day. Robert is the founder of the content advisory in both Robert and Joe, a teamed up for many different content, iterations events, and so forth for Content Marketing Institute. 


Email marketing strategy examples — They collaborated in writing the book or killing marketing, or they cowrote it together as to what I meant to say. Both of them from the stage at the Build a Better Agency summit talk about the value of growing your audience and, more specifically, growing your addressable audience. In fact, Joe actually took the audience behind the curtain, too. The very infancy of CLMI, how he and his wife and the initial strategy of building the business, the initial planning of the business, it was, Hey, how are we going to build this business, build this audience and such a way that there is so much value to this company that we can sell it for $15 million in five or six years, a don’t quote me on that. 


Email marketing strategy examples – But it was a very short, narrowly defined timeframe. Well, I believe they sold it in seven years for $17.6 million. Why? Because they had really focused on building an audience from the very beginning. Now, growing that audience over time is one thing, but the way that they did it is super impressive. They did it through strategy first by committing to being so awesome from a content perspective that, and this was the litmus test that Joe gave from the stage that if the episode of your video, if your blog post if your next e-book is that content is like if you didn’t send it if you didn’t share it, would your audience miss it? 


Email marketing strategy examples – Now, if the answer is no, then it’s time to double down on strategy. It’s time to double down on what Joe likes to call the content tilt. Then maybe the tilt of the content isn’t unique enough. So it isn’t helpful enough. And so when Drew McLellan and I decided to do a sit-down and write Sell with Authority, the book that we co-wrote together, we talked about the 10 truths. What makes somebody in authority? And it’s all about teaching and helping and the spirit of generosity in being helpful, not selling or being helpful to your audience. And so, again, going back to Joe’s point,  your content is not helpful enough, engaging enough in actually teaching something new to the point where if they didn’t get your Wednesday e-newsletter or your Saturday video, or your Wednesday podcast or whatever if they didn’t receive it because you didn’t send it if they didn’t miss it if your audience didn’t miss it, that’s a really powerful litmus test. 


Email marketing strategy examples? So that’s why it’s doubling down on strategy first. So growing your addressable audience starts with this strategy around content first, then making sure that what you create and where you invest your resources is truly helpful and amazing. So, in 2020, a research partner was founded by Susan Buyer at Predictive Audience Audit. So, Susan’s team and our predictive team collaborated on a study called the ROI of Thought Leadership. And one of the key research findings out of that study was, in addition to the four segments, which were really, really interesting, the four segments within the audience, attitudinal segments, I should clarify was, Hey, as the audience kind of speaking a unison, a Hey, we really want is we want you to be helpful to us, help me be better at my job every single day, and teach me something new to teach me something that nobody else is taught or tried to teach me before. 


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Email Marketing Strategy Examples: Creating Screaming Cool Value Exchanges


Don’t just rehash the old stuff and put a different spin on it; actually dig down deep and teach me something new that was going to help me be better at my job every day, onward nation. That’s what your audience wants from you, or your audience wants you to help them be better every day; that strategy is the positioning of the authority. The authority wants to be a teacher. They looked out there, looked at it as being an educator in some way and being super generous. So that’s the first piece. If you really want to grow your audience and your audience, which I sure hope that you do, because as it has the most valuable resource, or excuse me, the most valuable asset in your business, it starts with strategy in going all in teaching. 


So the next piece is, let’s say that you’re now fully committed to giving all of your best in the form of content and being helpful. So your audience is going to miss it. Like if you miss an episode, your audience is gonna miss it and wonder where it is. You’re going to get emails. Hey, what I didn’t get in the episode this morning is everything. Okay? So, the next piece is here, using Predictive ROI. We’re big fans of what we call this screaming cool value exchange. So if you’re a member of what we call the authority, a sales machine, or ASM for a short, if you’re listening to this, if you’re a member of ASM, then go inside the fast eight modules. 


Let’s get started on email marketing strategy examples. The very first module is called “Build Your List”. There are several deep examples and some templates in that module around the screaming cool value exchange. Well, if you’re not an ASM member, I recommend going to So again, it was a predictive, and then you’ll be able to download our latest ebook for free, of course, which illustrates all of the steps, and then several exercises that you and your team can walk through in order to create your screaming will value exchange. Okay. But first, what is a screaming or value exchange? It’s something that you offer your audience, like your, ah, and addressable audience. 


Okay, let’s start with email marketing strategy examples. So first, the website visitor, right? Because you haven’t gotten their email address yet, we haven’t given you permission yet. They haven’t raised their hand and said, yep, I trust you enough because your content is so awesome that I actually want to give you my email address. So a screaming, cool value exchange stops those people in the tracks or in their tracks. They see that. And they’re like, holy bananas, this thing, this asset, this resource, this e-book, this video series, this or whatever is amazing. It is so screaming. Cool. Heck yes. I want to give you my email address so you can get that thing. That’s the screaming or value exchange, which is beyond just a simple checklist, a simple how-to guide us through something. 


Enhance your knowledge of email marketing strategy examples by applying the process in this free video


Email Marketing Strategy Examples: Crafting Compelling Email Sequences


It literally needs to stop somebody in their tracks and say, oh my word, yes. Please take my email address because I need that thing. That’s the screaming call a value exchange. And so you need a great one of those, or perhaps a series of those, build out a resource library so that your website visitors, or if you’re out doing a speaking engagement, you can say, Hey, go to, or obviously your website address, wherever your latest screaming, cool value exchanges. And then your audience is going to say, yep. You know what? I trust Sara or John or enough. I totally wanna get that thing. And then go to your website. We downloaded the thing because they’d gotten so much value from you. 


They want to continue learning from you. That’s a screaming cool value exchange, and you need to create one. Then, when you do that, it helps you grow your addressable audience. Okay? So let’s assume now let’s make an assumption that you have grown your addressable audience, or excuse me, let me rephrase that. Let’s assume you’re growing your addressable audience now, right? You have doubled down on strategy. You were all in on generosity. You’ve read Content Inc. and Killing Marketing. Maybe you picked up a copy of Sell with Authority, and you’re subscribing now, too, the 10 truths that Drew and I talk about in your building out your own library of screaming cool value exchanges. 


Email marketing strategy examples — Awesome. And now you’re seeing your addressable audience grow fantastic. But now what, so this is where I wanted to do something a little bit different with this episode in this solo cast, instead of doing kind of our standard, a show notes, which is what you learn in this episode and like 7, 8, 9, 10 bullet points. Not that that’s bad, we’ve done that for hundreds and hundreds of episodes. If you go through our website, you’ll see that I wanted to do something different here. And I wanted to make this episode super illustrative of a whole bunch of examples. I can probably say that better. Right? I wanted to illustrate a whole bunch of examples. I don’t know where I got the word illustrative, but anyway, I don’t even know if that’s the word I wanted to illustrate several examples of actual emails that you could use as part of a six-part nurture sequence. 


So, let’s assume that people are opting into your addressable audience, AKA your email list. Now, what did you send that? Please avoid the temptation of, oh yeah, I got a new email. Opt-in, that’s a hot lead. It is not a hot lead it is to somebody who has trusted you enough with their email address, and the last thing that you want to do is pounce on them and act like they’re a hot lead there or not. They have trusted you enough to give you their email address, which is an open invitation to please teach me more about how you can be helpful. Actually, let me rephrase that because that’s an invitation for maybe a sales call. 


Enhance your knowledge of email marketing strategy examples by applying the process in this free video


Email Marketing Strategy Examples: Crafting a New Lead Email Sequence to Educate and Engage


Here are some email marketing strategy examples. Please teach me more about what I need to know in order to be better at my job. That’s what the email address is an invitation to do. Teach me that’s what it is, not sell me. So, let’s talk about The New Lead Sequence. This is where I want to reference the show notes for this episode. I’m going to talk through the solar cast. I’m going to talk through a six-part email series and some of the main pieces of each of those emails and how it is sent over a 12-day cycle if you will. So, in six emails over 12 days, I’m going to you verbally talk through several of the examples. 


And then I want you to go to the show notes of this solo cast. ’cause the visuals are all there. I’ve actually taken screenshots of each of the emails and included them in the show notes. So you can literally use those as an example to create your own new lead sequence. Okay. So, I’m going to verbally walk through it here. And then if you also then opened the show notes when you are not driving to work out or however you are listening to this right now, so you and your team can listen and then match it with the show notes and say, ah, okay, that’s what he’s talking about with email number one, or email number six. Okay. Now we’re going to take those and put those into our system so that when somebody downloads them, they are screaming equal value exchange. Now, they are ready to receive our new lead sequence. 


Email marketing strategy examples? The new lead sequence is not my term. It’s something that I learned from a friend and mentor of mine, his name as Taki. So it is awesome. We put it in practice here at Predictive ROI maybe about a year and a half or so ago, and it’s amazing it has been off the charts. So, I’m excited to share it with you. Okay. So again, go to the show notes for the visual examples. So we’re going to start stepping through emails, one through six. Let me just kind of set the stage here for a second. A because of how powerful this is. So, one of our 90-day sprinters here at Predictive ROI has several different ways in which we can be helpful to our clients. 


And one of those you’ve heard me actually mention just kind of in passing is ASM membership, which stands for authority sales machine. I mean, we obviously share a lot of free content, and we loved to teach my business partner, Eric Jensen, and I. We do weekly Q and A’s in the podcast with the videos and the research studies, and there is a lot of free content or a resource library. And then also we have built some private training, and we call that ASM or authority sales machine as for short, and then upfront ASM, or when somebody wants to really double down on the intensity around strategy and lead gen and filling their sales pipeline with right-fit prospects, have a steady stream of well-prepared prospects. 


Enhance your knowledge of email marketing strategy examples by applying the process in this free video


Email Marketing Strategy Examples: The Power of Educating Without Selling in Email Sequences


We have what we call the 90-day sprints, where they work one-on-one for 12 weeks with Erik. That’s the way I want to take an example from one of our 90-day sprinters, Erik, and I actually just got this text earlier today; she had taken it, actually, it was kind of broken over a couple of different text messages. Last week. She put The New Lead Sequence into place and immediately got a reply from somebody who had opted in to download the thing, and the screaming call values changed. And she was super excited that somebody had replied and said, Hey, thanks for the thing. Started a dialogue. Anyway. Now at the end of The New Lead Sequence, that person reached out and said, Hey, the videos have been awesome, super helpful, very complimentary, and then went on to ask for a proposal. 


Okay. So my point is, there’s no selling in The New Lead Sequence. It’s about teaching and being helpful. And then, at the end, you’ll hear that there’s an ask for what we like to call a transitional moment. That’s called a spear, which is a Salesforce-specific purpose expecting or a result. Again, I’m going to show all of that stuff to you in full transparency inside the show notes. Okay. So this really, really works. So I encourage you to take the examples out of the show notes and put them into practice straight away. All right. So, let’s start walking through it again. At a high level, there is a welcome email, which is email number one we are going to step through here in a minute, and there is a spear or email is email number two, which stands for, again, a specific purpose or expecting a response or reply. 


And then there’s a series of three emails, sort of in the middle of the sequence. And they’re called HB V one, two, and three. HPV stands for high-benefit videos. This is where you are teaching. You are not selling. This is where you’re teaching and sharing as a short, concise value ad. We call this golden nugget where you’re teaching around a particular thing. So, short videos may be 10 minutes long, and the last five to 10 minutes long. Okay. You’re in and out teaching a thing again, being super, super helpful in the middle three videos, HPV one to three high benefit video, one to three, and then this series C on the 12th day, we will work on the timing to is we were going through each of these e-mails on the 12th day, or you send what’s called spear direct again, its specific purpose expecting a result or a reply. 


And it’s as simple as that. Again, it’s not a sales pitch; it is just as simple as OK. So, let’s start stepping through each of the emails. And again, I encourage you to go to the show notes of today’s episode because all of the emails are there in full transparency. Okay. So, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of email. Number one, email number one is essentially the kind of transportation email or the delivery e-mail of the thing that has the screaming call value exchanged, right? So it is delivered immediately upon the opt-in. So if somebody has trusted you enough again to share their e-mail address with you, the subject line of that email is whatever the title of the screaming cool value exchange is, right? 


Enhance your knowledge of email marketing strategy examples by applying the process in this free video


Email Marketing Strategy Examples: Personalized Help & Valuable Insights Await


So whatever you’ve titled to checklists, the ebook, the video series, the whatever, the amazing thing is that stopped them in their tracks, whatever the name of that thing is, that’s what the subject line is for the welcome email. It really is the welcome email. If you’re looking here in the show notes, it reads his first name because you’re going to be on the opt-in form. You’re going to ask for first names so you can personalize it and then just email address, nothing beyond first name and email address again, just so you can personalize it. Then, it starts off with the link to the thing. So you can download it now, right? So you’re giving them the link to the thing, not as an attachment; you’re giving them a link to the thing. 


And then you’re going to introduce yourself very informally. Hey, if we’re meeting for the first time, you should know that I help. Now, this is what we say to people who are joining our addressable audience. You should know that I help agency owners, business coaches, and consultants, just like you plant their flag of authority. So, they always have a sales pipeline filled with an abundance of right-fit prospects. That is what we do here: a predictive ROI. Ah, and then I’d go on and say, every week for the last six years, I recorded or eye-recorded a podcast episode on how to build and scale your business. There are so many good. Episode’s a thousand of them now, but here are a few of my favorites. And then we share, or the email shares, three links to three favorite episodes that are going to be super helpful to the person now who just stepped into your addressable audience. 


And then we say, go on to say, or I go on to say, and have you ever want some personalized help to just join us for our, How to Fill Your Sales Pipeline, an open mic queue and a right to my business partner. And I am Jensen every Wednesday, 12 o’clock noon central. We teach, and we love to have you there. Then, there is a link where they can go to the registration page. Again, there is no sales pitch. It is all about helping, sharing, teaching, being generous, and being aligned with the 10 truths of what makes someone in authority that drew and I wrote about in our book. It is extremely important that somebody again trusts you enough to hand you a very valuable piece of their identity. 


Enhance your knowledge of email marketing strategy examples by applying the process in this free video


Email Marketing Strategy Examples: Nurturing Your New Audience


And now you have to honor that because if you try to go in full-on sales mode, not only will they unsubscribe, but after a while, you’ll see your, your addressable audience really start to shrink rapidly because you’re going to get a reputation of being that person. And that’s a whole lot of yucky. You don’t like it when somebody does it to you. So please do not do that to someone who is stepping into your addressable audience; there is a sacred bond of trust; respect that. Alright, so now let’s move to the second e-mail, which again is SPIR, and that stands for a specific purpose expecting a response or reply result or whatever you liked for the, our, so the distribution date is one day after the opt-in.


The subject line is actually the person’s first name again. That’s why we’re asking for first names when they opt-in so that we can give them a subject line that is very personal. It’s fascinating to see what the open rate is on the emails where there is a subject line. Is there a first name it’s extremely high. So this email is very simple in that it is very short, and it’s a welcome aboard. How would you describe the clients? You typically work Onward with Gusto, Stephen. If you’ve known me for a while, you know that I’ve got several catchphrases. This is not on purpose. It’s just things that I say a lot. Just funny how people take notice of that. 


People know that as my voice, I always, then my emails with Gusto, and I say things like holy bananas in order to really share my enthusiasm or my surprise or sometimes around a particular topic. So I want to make sure that I use that same language because that’s my voice, right? That’s my voice in the email or emails. So I include that here in this Speer or e-mail number two, again, a scent one day after opt-in into the addressable audience. All right. So now let’s go to email number three, which might sound a little bit confusing because it’s email number three, but it is HBV one. 


So it’s e-mail number three in the INE in a full series, but that’s the first high-benefit video. All right. So this goes, or this is sent three days after the initial opt-in. So, three days after somebody steps into your addressable audience, the subject line here is how to plant your flag of authority. Now, obviously, this is The New Lead Sequence for predictive. You’re going to have to use a different subject line where you’re sharing a high-benefit video, again, a five to 10-minute video around a particular golden nugget or a lesson. Please don’t make it super comprehensive. It’s just about teaching one thing, one insight that is going to be helpful. So here’s how this one reads. 


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Email Marketing Strategy Examples:  Unleash Your Authority and Fill Your Sales Pipeline


Hi, first name; if you master the three essentials to planting your flag of authority, you’ll put your business in the right position to grow and whatever the new normal will be for all of us, right? So, we put this into practice at the beginning of COVID. Well, right now, we’re still sorting out some of that stuff. So it’s still relevant. And if you do this work with excellence, you’ll fill your sales pipeline with an abundance of prospects that are the right fit for you and your business. I shot this video to show you how you can take advantage of this powerful strategy. And again, it’s a five to 10-minute video, a teaching, a golden nugget that is helpful. There’s no sales pitch. And I end it with, there was a little screenshot with a video in there, and I ended up with onward with Gusto, Stephen, that’s it now. 


So the difference in this email versus emails one and two, I shouldn’t say versus, but the difference in emails three or four and five is that they also include what we like to call the super signature. Sometimes refer to it as a powerful PS, but it is essentially a four or kind of bullet points at the bottom underneath the onward with Gusto Stephen underneath its P S whenever you’re ready here, or four ways we can help you fill your sales pipeline with right-fit prospect’s we call it the authorities sales machine. And then there are four things to have that are free, or actually three of them that are free. 


And then one of them is a paid opportunity or where somebody can step into your value ladder, right? So either the first two or three should be free, or you’re sharing additional resources, or do you want to be helpful? And then the fourth is, Hey, here is essentially the entry into your value ladder. So, as you’ll see in the show notes because there is a screenshot of the super signature, the first or option number one, I guess, if you want to call it that in the super signature is subscribed to the podcast, the onward nation podcasts that you were obviously listening to you right now. The second is, Hey, download the free; I’m a 30-page executive summary from the ROI thought leadership. 


So, I referenced that just a few minutes ago. So if somebody wants to download their free copy of the executive summary, or they can do that using the link and the super signature, the third is, Hey, join us for our weekly Q&A. It’s a free open mic Q&A Erik and I teach, ah, and facilitate every Wednesday at 12 noon central, How to Fill Your Sales Pipeline, open mic Q&A. Then, there is a link to the registration page. And then the fourth option is, Hey, we’re starting a new case study group. You know, next month we have X opening numbers. Would you be interested in that? If so, replying will share the details. That’s a super signature. It goes to the bottom of e-mail number three or four and five or HPV one to three. 


Enhance your knowledge of email marketing strategy examples by applying the process in this free video


Email Marketing Strategy Examples: Nurturing Your New Leads for Success


And there was an example in the show notes. Okay. So now, let’s move to HPV. I’m not going to actually walk through the content of these two because the content is actually very similar or has different golden nuggets and different video structures. It’s the same. So, I’m going to review the timing; you’ll see the examples on it. So an email number for again, which is HBV, to the distribution date is six days after the opt-ins, right? So, 60 days after somebody becomes a part of your addressable audience, they get email number four, which is high-benefit video number two. Okay. So then, let’s go to the timing of email number five, which is, again, high-benefit video number three. 


So the distribution day here is nine days or distribution timing, I should say nine days after the opt-in. So again, this entire cycle is 12 days long, and there are six parts, and six different emails. So there’s the welcome aboard email, or excuse me, the welcome email, which is the delivery of the asset. Email number two, which is SPIR, is the welcome aboard e-mail. And then there are benefit videos, one, two, and three, which are emails three or four and five spaced out by multiple days in between. So now, after email number five, we are nine days into The New Lead Sequence. 


So then, on day 12, they get the final email it’s called Speer Direct. It just means that it was more direct in what sorts of the ask is in as an individual here, which is not necessarily really a sales pitch. And because it isn’t, it’s really just more of a. Hey, can I be helpful in asking or maybe making a statement? And so it’s hi, first name. And then the statement is, or a question, I guess, a, would you like to work with me to fill your sales pipeline with a right fit prospects for 2021? We’re obviously still in 2021. So it is still a relevant message, but would you like to work with me, with My Predictive ROI team, to fill out your sales pipeline with the right fit prospects? 


So that’s The New Lead Sequence now, you might be thinking. Mmm. Okay. So I’m going to put that into place, actually let me back up. Okay. Stephen, I’m going to really dial in the strategy. I’m going to be super generous, and I’m going to think about what I can teach and what I can be helpful about. What’s something new that I can teach and share that helped my audience be better? And it’s something that is really, really great. What’s my content strategy around this generosity and teaching sharing so that if I didn’t have Aaron’s episode on Wednesday, my audience would be like, Hey, where is it? Or didn’t you send me the video, or didn’t I get your e-newsletter? Why didn’t I get the Tuesday email? 


Enhance your knowledge of email marketing strategy examples by applying the process in this free video


Email Marketing Strategy Examples: Beyond the New Lead Sequence


I’m like, that’s a strategy first. Then you have to figure it out, and then, in a second, you’ve created the screaming will value exchange. It is amazing. It totally is. As the name implies, screaming, cool it to stopping people in their tracks. And now your addressable audience is growing. Yay. And they’re getting The New Lead Sequence over 12 days, six-party email where your T or a six-part e-mail series, excuse me, where you were taking deeper dives and teaching them golden nuggets and the high benefit videos, one, two, and three, and people are replying. Yay. In asking you after email number six, Hey, could you help me with so-and-so or such and such as it should say not so and so with such and such a problem? 


Okay, great. But now you might be asking or thinking, okay, is there something else that I can do to really supercharge your email or my e-mail? Yep. There are. There actually is. So again, if you’re an ASM member inside the fastest rate, there was a module called supercharger or email, which was going to go really in-depth with what I’m going to talk about here. So this is just gonna be kind of a brief and a high level. If you’re on our email list already, this is going to you, you’re going to say, oh my guess, as you’re going to say, oh, that’s what that is. At least that’s got out of my hope. This will ring true. 


So I don’t, I, you know what, I’m going to go ahead and put some, I haven’t written the show notes yet. I’m going to go ahead and put some examples of the golden nugget emails inside the show notes. So a newsletter is going to be a little bit long so I’m not going to put it an example of the newsletter in there, but I will put a golden nugget email. Okay. So, let me back up here. So, in addition to The New Lead Sequence, I would suggest that you put a three-part email cadence into a system. So here’s what I mean by that. So once somebody finishes The New Lead Sequence, they will go into your overall audience, where they’re going to receive your regular distribution three times per week. 


Now, I know on the surface, you might think, holy bananas, are you serious? I’m going to send three emails a week. So, just hear me out for a second. So I’m suggesting a Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday cadence, but then, these or not sales emails, these are not asking emails. These are all about being helpful. Oftentimes, they are what I like to call the golden nugget email, which means maybe it’s an insight out of a podcast episode, or maybe you interviewed somebody for your video series, or you just finished creating another screaming core value exchange, or do you want to share it? And they’ve already opted in, so you’re not asking them to read it. 


Enhance your knowledge of email marketing strategy examples by applying the process in this free video


Email Marketing Strategy Examples: Building Trust Through Valuable Content 


And you’re just giving them something freely those or what we like to call it. A golden nugget email where you’re sharing a golden nugget in insights, something they can take an apply to their business. You’re being helpful. And in doing that on a consistent basis, every time they turn around, they’re you are being helpful. So that’s amazing. So that’s the type of email I’m not suggesting that you go to your list and bombard them with three sales messages three times a week. Yuck, that will be awful. And your unsubscribe rate will be really high. Okay. But I am suggesting and then you go to your list three times a week, and maybe it’s two times a week. If you can’t produce three emails, there’s a whole bunch of lessons around slicing and dicing. 


And so that this is a relatively easy, efficient process. Let me give you a little secret. So, if you’ve been listening to the show for a while now, you know that when I introduce a guest, I go pretty deep, right? I don’t use the standard bio that most people use. Like, I want to tee up that person in such a way that when you are hearing me introduce the gas, you were like, oh, if that makes total sense, I can’t wait to hear this person because now I know how this person is going to be helpful to me. Like, a custom intro for every single guest, right? Because I want to highlight the guest’s smarts. And in my opinion, how could that be valuable to you? 


Okay. So, I share that as part of the episode, and the guest listens while I record it. And so then, when the episode errors, when I share the golden nugget email, I’m actually just using that introduction that I already wrote, which has already teed up. Why you should care about this episode or why I think this episode is going to be helpful to you. I actually take that introduction. I pair it down a little bit, and then, in just a few minutes, it becomes a golden nugget e-mail on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. And so that’s my point in getting leverage and slicing and dicing like drew. And I liked to talk about how one piece of content becomes many, many smaller cobblestones. 


So the episode is what we call a cornerstone, and then the golden nugget email is a cobblestone, but it comes right out of the introduction from the cornerstone. Okay. So, you could be doing those exact same things depending on your content strategy. Okay. So three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and then being able to be, or, and then a with a, with a very, very deep emphasis on being helpful in each of those emails. So, let’s start to come in for a landing here. One of the things that I want to set expectations for is that it is awesome that our 90-day sprinter or one of our sprinters shared that amazing win. 


Enhance your knowledge of email marketing strategy examples by applying the process in this free video


Email Marketing Strategy Examples: Cultivating Trust and Building a Strong Pipeline


Yep. It sure is. And we smiled, and we celebrated, and we cheered and congratulated her for doing the hard work. And it was awesome. Super awesome. Rock solid Austin, which I guess is another catchphrase, but anyway, it was amazing. And we were just really, really excited for her and her business when she got that result or outcome. So, setting expectations here is that this could be a dare or a decade. It all depends on when somebody is ready, Drew. And I talked about this a lot. And so, as the authority, it’s not about rushing your audience. So it’s not about having them operate on your schedule there, not here to make you money. 


Here for you to be helpful to them. It’s not about accelerating the timeline or optimizing conversion, or getting them to spend money that they’re not going to spend, or they don’t, they’re not ready to spend yet, or helping them identify a problem that doesn’t really exist. Now it’s about you being patient, you being helpful. And when you do that, and when you do that generously, what ends up happening is people say, Hey, every time I turned around, they’re you were being helpful, a sharing, something that I can teach with my own or share with my team that taught us how to get over that obstacle, get over that challenge in all of that. He, could you help us do this or do that, or maybe you solve this problem and will you do that for enough people? If you do that consistently over time, you have a very, very full pipeline of well-prepared and right-fit prospects. 


Enhance your knowledge of email marketing strategy examples by applying the process in this free video


Email Marketing Strategy Examples: Connect with Stephen


So this is not some mystic, dark magic, voodoo, super conversion strategy. It couldn’t be further from that. It was about teaching, being generous, and actually being the authority in your market. Okay. All right. So I hope that that was helpful. Let me leave you just with this final thought: Raphael Bender is the CEO and founder of a company called Brief Education, based in Melbourne, Australia, to be exact. He was my guess in episode 1009 here at Onward. And he said something. It was kind of botched a little bit, but I encourage you to listen to the episode because he’s awesome in it. 


He said that the best way to show somebody that you’re helpful or that you want to be helpful is by actually being helpful. Don’t tell them that you want to be helpful. Actually, be helpful. I’m like, wow. You know, I think it’s really common for people to say, oh yeah, I want to be helpful. Or you can’t wait to be helpful. Or I look forward to being helpful or making a promise to be helpful. It actually just be helpful in your audience will be like, wow, that was really awesome of Sarah to do that for me or a John, to give that to me or how incredible they are really helpful. And then a day or a decade once Sara or John Day or a decade later, once they’re or a John, how of a problem. And you have been super, super helpful during that period of time; you’ll get a call. 


It may be you’ll be the only one who gets a call because you’ve proven that you’re generous, and your stuff is because of how generous you’ve been. Okay. So I hope that that was helpful to you. A, let me know if you have any questions; you can always reach me at [email protected]. I read and replied to every single email. And we’d love to know if you have any questions or concerns and if I can be helpful. And again, thank you for taking some of your time out, or you’re 86,400 seconds. So you have today; thank you for sharing. Some of that precious time with me, I’m grateful that we were able to spend some time together. 


I hope that these detailed examples and walkthroughs of growing and nurturing your audience were helpful to you. And I look forward to a spark; questions dropped me a note, and I look forward to answering your questions until next time. Onward with Gusto! 


This episode is complete. So head over to for show notes and more food. If you will, you continue to find your recipe for success here at Onward Nation.


Enhance your knowledge of email marketing strategy examples by applying the process in this free video

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