Leadership blind spots and iconic moments, with Craig Clark

Episode 1009

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Craig Clark is the CEO of Momentum Consulting — a consulting firm that guides organizations and their leaders in the areas of personal accountability and personal performance by developing and implementing successful strategies. He has spent the past 30 years becoming a foremost expert on the science of human dynamics in the business world and believes that the only reliable approach to produce breakthroughs at any level is to ask, “How do I see myself in the world and amongst others?”

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Craig defines “iconic moments,” and how iconic moments can shift our reality and allow us to see the world differently
  • What an iconic moment looks like, with the example of Sam Walton targeting small towns to create a massive business empire
  • How business leaders can easily fall victim to confirmation bias, causing them to have unrecognized leadership blind spots that can hold back their businesses
  • Why we must recognize our own leadership blind spots, and why revealing them can create powerful and transformative “iconic moments”
  • How seeing what you didn’t see before can give you an opportunity to be accountable and shift your behavior to increase your performance
  • Why being open to feedback from others can help you find your leadership blind spots and open up new doors to options and opportunities
  • Why the challenges of the global pandemic often cause businesses to retreat to “tried and true” strategies and default behaviors that may hold them back
  • Why automatic behaviors are the opposite of “getting into flow,” and why breaking out of automatic behaviors is crucial for achieving flow
  • What steps you can take to help your team achieve flow, and why a strong level of trust and respect are key for getting there
  • How Craig realized that what he thought was real wasn’t, and how this realization sparked his curiosity and made a powerful impact on his work


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