Fill Your Sales Pipeline Q&A

Wednesday, April 17th 2024 at 1:00 pm Eastern / 12 Noon Central

How to Make Your Agency an Easy YES!


Stephen Woessner, CEO at Predictive ROI

Erik Jensen, Chief Strategy Officer at Predictive ROI


Wednesday, April 17th at 1:00 pm Eastern / 12 Noon Central

What We'll Cover During This Open Mic Q&A

Stop Trying to Wing It

The companies that survived the last six recessions did so because they had a biz dev plan — and — they didn’t wing it. We'll share strategies, ideas, and answer all of your questions around how to best create and implement a planning process that will put you and your sales pipeline in the right position to come roaring out of this recession.

Think Differently to Scale Your Pipeline

This is the time for you to double down on pipeline building strategies you may have heard of before but haven't put into place — like sell by chat, sell by webinar, email aikido, podcasts, video series, the powerful ps, LinkedIn events, transitioning from 1:1 sales  to 1 to many, value ladder and ascension, and the list goes on. We will share key insights on how to implement these into your sales pipeline.

Make Progressive Decisions

The data is clear — the companies that came roaring out of the last six recessions were the ones who balanced efficiency-based decisions with investments in R&D, marketing, and other leaps forward in their business, which filled their sales pipeline. There is a recipe for success that can be applied to your sales pipeline, too — then you’ll lead the pack and coming roaring out of this recession.

Plant Your Flag of Authority

Three are three essentials to planting your flag of authority: 1) go narrow to monetize (think niching down), 2) defining your point-of-view (your truth!) and 3) you can't be a one-trick pony (your content must be findable across many channels). And when you get this right — and you apply the pipeline strategies we talk through during this Q&A — your pipeline ignites because you're THE AUTHORITY.

What people say about it

Will I be able to ask questions during the session?

Yes – absolutely! Stephen and Erik will start off the session sharing one of the latest insights from our research for about 5-10 minutes...and then the rest of the session will be an open mic Q&A format.

Will there be a recorded replay of the session?

We will record the session and the link will be  posted in our complimentary Facebook Group. You can join here.

Will this be the only Q&A session Stephen and Erik will be offering?

Great question — no, they are going to hold open mic sessions every Wednesday at 12:00 CST going forward. But — they are private sessions so you need to register each week so we can be sure to send you the correct link.