Sprint Sessions

We help agency owners, business coaches, or strategic consultants who want to GROW their audience, NURTURE more leads, and increase SALES in the next 90-days.

If you’re looking to grow your business and move onward to the NEXT LEVEL...then read on.

Recently — my business partner and I asked ourselves… “Could we coach an owner to apply key strategies from our Authority Sales Machine System to radically change their business in 90-days...so they can...

Transform their positioning to focus on the right niche with the right content

Apply a strategy to fill their sales pipeline with the right-fit prospects

Create a 12-month content and growth plan their audience would love and sponsors would pay to access

So we tested it — and the answer is yes. Now we’re calling it the “ASM SPRINT.”

It’s the right blend of one-on-one, strategic coaching with our team — and — powerful group sessions where you’ll benefit from insights shared by your fellow Sprinters.

We can only accept 5 people into each SPRINT. Just contact us with "SPRINT" in the "Comments" field and we will schedule some time to discuss timing.