Predictive ROI is a growing digital marketing consulting agency that works with an array of visionary businesses in many industries. We work with our clients to help them achieve explosive growth by reaching their digital goals. This includes increasing their ROI and enhancing their brand across many platforms/mediums. We are looking for candidates who embody our standard of excellence, our culture of teamwork, and who are enthusiastic about learning while delivering their best work. We offer the flexibility of working remotely, a robust on-boarding program, training through our Predictive ROI Institute, a team of like-minded high achievers and opportunities for advancement.

Our team is growing fast. Because we deliver on what we believe in.

When you are a part of the Predictive team you are supported by the best group of people that are aspiring to the same goals.

It’s a family and it’s awesome!

Our footprint is small, but our vision and heart is large.

If you are a member of the Predictive team, or a client, you are family. We work together to achieve our goals, we care and we go all in to get it done.

We bring together the best creative and ambitious minds.

As an employee or intern we invite you to own your projects and encourage your input.

Our Values


We’re blessed with an incredible team and many opportunities to be our clients’ hero. We never let the day’s challenges take that gratitude away from us.

Life is Not Static

Change is inevitable and we need to be ready to roll with it. We keep our eyes on the prize and just zig or zag a little.

There’s No Task That’s Not Mine or Too Small

We work hard, we honor our commitments to our clients and to each other, and we do what it takes to get the job done.

We Can be Even Better

No matter how good we are today, there’s always something new to learn and apply. Continual improvement is not optional.

We Win Together

As a team and with our clients. If it’s not good for all of us, there’s a better way we just haven’t discovered yet.

Open Positions

Quotes From Our Team

This is not just another internship, this is THE internship that gives you the experience you need for the real world. Predictive ROI helped open my eyes and see all of the talents and skills I had all along. Everyone here is always going to be there for you and will cheer with you on your successes and support and guide you through your mistakes. If you are willing to put the work in, you will get so much more than you will ever know our of this internship experience.

— Katherine BaesslerDirector of Operations (former intern and now full-time employee at Predictive ROI)

Few companies offer you a chance to really make an impact. Predictive ROI offers a chance to make an impact in a big way, both internally and for our clients. Your ideas are celebrated, your work matters, and your skills are valued. The opportunity to learn is at every turn if you take advantage of it.

— Erik JensenVice President of Client Services (former intern and now full-time employee at Predictive ROI)

Applying for an internship with Predictive ROI was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Going into my final semester of college, I knew I wanted an internship that would allow me to hone and develop my professional skills by making impactful contributions within an organization. An internship with Predictive ROI gives you exactly that. At Predictive ROI, you are given the opportunity to work with an unbelievable team that will teach you the the tools and skills needed to be successful in your career.

— Alex KrupskiFormer Intern

There’s one word that comes to mind when looking to describe the Predictive ROI internship: special. Predictive ROI gives you the opportunity to do great work that has an impact. But, more importantly, at Predictive ROI you work with the greatest team you could ever ask for, a team that will have your back and guide you so that you’re better prepared for the working world, and better prepared for life. If you’re willing to put in the hard work, don’t think twice about applying for an internship with Predictive ROI. You won’t regret it.

— Louie SchuthDigital Content Specialist (former intern & employee at Predictive ROI)

The team at Predictive ROI is incredible. They are so talented and passionate about this industry, and that really makes such a difference. I feel like I have learned much more through this internship than I ever expected. With every step of the way, I felt involved in the process and that my thoughts and ideas mattered. Through the help of some pretty great mentors, I was able to not only learn more about this industry, but was able to apply what I was learning first-hand.

— Whitney PuentFormer Intern

There’s something special about Interning with PROI. It gives you the ability to make a difference and the ability to grow. It has a unique culture that I am in love with!

— Vaibhavi KulkarniFormer Intern

Predictive ROI is a company who means every word in its culture. I came hoping to get my hands dirty in the real business world but ending up with experience, connections and skills beyond my expectation. You will be able to develop your expertise, learn skills, and discover new passions through working with a talented and loving team, who are always there to make sure you get all the support you need to make a real impact.

— Tru XuFormer Intern

My time at Predictive ROI was a constant learning experience. Predictive taught me that I was capable of many marketing techniques some which I never even covered in my higher education. The team was very supportive and made you feel that you had a voice. Something that every person I feel values in a workplace. Although we connected through cyberspace the connection between the team members felt as if they were right down the hall from you. Predictive is a classroom that allows you to venture into whatever field you have questions or are passionate about whether it’s Social Media, SEO, Digital Marketing, and etc they have work for you.? I cannot thank the team enough for the guidance received from my internship. I have them to thank for as a great stepping stone for future marketing opportunities. Thank you Predictive. Onward With Gusto 🙂

— Katie KeefeFormer Intern