6 Reasons Why Nobody is Listening to Your Podcast

You’ve probably heard about the popularity of podcasts by now, and you may have pushed yourself to start one to grow your business. That is great because you have taken the initiative to stay ahead of the curve!

With that being said, as everyone is trying to fill a fast-growing market, there is the growing issue of low-grade quality podcasts being put out there.

To help be sure that you have your podcast in check, we are going to walk through the top 6 reasons why nobody is listening to your podcast and how you can change that to ensure that your podcast doesn’t get skipped. Most people don’t listen to every podcast they subscribe to, and with these steps, you can make sure that your show becomes a must-listen for your target audience.

1. Too Many Ads

How many ads are in place in your podcast? We recommend that you keep it to only 1 – 2 ads within a podcast episode that last around 15 – 30 seconds each. Any longer than that and your audience will begin to fast forward or zone out completely.

2. Podcast Episodes Are Too Long

Depending on your guests and questions, you need to think about how long your audience will want to listen to your interviews. This may take some A/B testing over a period of time, but we recommend staying around 30 – 45 minutes for podcast episodes as this is the average time someone can listen to an episode in their car or during a work-out.

3. Poor Guest Selection

When you are thinking about inviting guests onto your podcasts, be prepared to train them before you begin the interview.

Prepping your guest doesn’t have to take long time either. Take 10-15 minutes to run throw the layout of the show and to answer any questions your guest may have. This will have a major impact on the overall quality of the interview.

Lastly, just like you don’t want your show to be full of ads, you also want to be sure that your guest is not promoting themselves the whole episode. They have a great opportunity to share what they do and talk about their business, but if all they are doing is pushing their products/services, your audience may feel like they are listening to a long ad and they will question whether or not you have their best interests at heart.

4. No Prep

Not prepping before an interview isn’t only awkward for your audience, but for your guest as well. If you take the time to invite someone to be on your podcast, be sure you are fully prepared.

You can make sure that you are personally prepared by making sure that your voice is clear and that you understand how to say your guest’s name. If you do not know how to say your guests name, ask them before you press the record button for your interview.

We recommend that before you even invite your guest, you take the time to research their LinkedIn profile or website for what they are about to be sure that they will fit the category of your podcast.

Pre-Interview Checklist:

  • Clear your throat with a glass of water.
  • Be sure you know how to say the guest’s name and that you have read their bio.
  • Complete an easy vocal practice to ensure that your voice sounds okay.
  • Look at their Linkedin Profile or website.

5. Audio Quality is Poor

As someone who has edited hundreds of audio recordings for podcasts, this is the most crucial piece when it comes to listening to any podcasts.

When you are about to press record for your interview, something that you need to keep in mind is that for the interview, you are the gatekeeper on audio.

If your guest calls in before the interview and they sound like they are on their phone or in a loud coffee shop, do not be afraid to ask to reschedule.

You can only so much when editing audio so remember: garbage in, garbage out.

Pre-Recording Checklist:

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Turn off your phone and any apps that are running on your computer besides Zoom.
  • Turn off any fans or loud AC’s running in the room.
  • Shut the doors and make sure that the room that you are in is completely quiet.
  • Test your microphone to check the quality before your guest joins you.

6. Little to No Promotion

Here is a big piece that most people seems to miss. Just because you are airing your episodes on various podcast platforms, that does not mean that people know!

Take the time to promote your podcast to your email list and on your social media channels the day the episode airs. You can also cut up the podcast into more content like YouTube videos, blog posts, and more so you have even more opportunities to promote your podcast!

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