How Content Creators Can Grow Your Engaged Audience, with James Carbary

Episode 5

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James Carbary is the Founder of Sweet Fish Media (a podcast agency for B2B brands) and Showcase (a SaaS product for podcasters). He’s also the Executive Producer of two podcasts: B2B Growth and Young Married Christian. He’s the author of Content-Based Networking (a best-selling book about how you can connect with anyone you want to know), and he doesn’t eat at restaurants that serve Pepsi (because…gross). As awesome as James might think he is…he’ll never be as great (or as interesting) as his wife Lisa, who played college rugby and now trains dolphins at Disney World.

What you will learn about in this episode:

  • What Content-Based Networking is, how it works, and why James wrote an entire book about it
  • Why companies should be hiring more creators, rather than more marketers
  • Ways to recognize “commodity content” — and why you should never settle for it
  • How to make your voice stand out in a seemingly endless sea of other creators
  • Why you should stop viewing like-minded businesses in your industry as competitors, and start valuing them as collaborators
  • How creators add MASSIVE value to companies, and how their insight and influence can transform your business (for good)


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