How to Get Unstuck, with David Jenyns

Episode 20

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David Jenyns began his entrepreneurial journey when he was 20 years old. Like any good entrepreneur, David was never short on ideas and has owned, run and been involved in a variety of different business ventures. Everything from developing successful stock market trading courses, to franchising rock ‘n roll retail clothing stores, to building a successful software as a service company.

Most well known for building one of Australia’s most sought-after digital agencies, David’s approach to digital marketing combines many disciplines. His methods – outlined in his Amazon bestselling book “Authority Content” – earned him international respect and recognition.
More than 10 years later, his two companies Melbourne SEO Services and Melbourne Video Production, are still going strong, and are the flagship examples of David’s approach to systematizing a business

What you will learn about in this episode:

  • Why David Jenyns made his mission to free all business owners on a worldwide scale
  • Practical and tactical steps to begin creating a foundation of systems.
  • How systems development is pivotal in removing key person dependencies
  • Ways to break through the initial resistance of systematization – leading to a systems mindset
  • Why we should challenge misconceptions about systems culture


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