July 19, 2016

Don Yaeger [ENCORE 2x]

Episode 282: True character is revealed when you’re able to win over and over again, with Don Yaeger.

Don Yaeger has been as our incredible guest in Episodes 2 and 160. He is also one of Stephen Woessner’s (host of Onward Nation) most influential mentors — and someone who keeps him on the straight and narrow both professionally and in life. Don is the author of over two dozen books, a 9-time New York Times bestselling author (soon to be 10) a highly sought after, nationally acclaimed professional speaker, and one of the world’s leading authorities on what makes the great teams great — and — how to put their proven practices into application inside any organization — to propel a team to new levels of achievement.


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Why did you write “Great Teams”?

Don was challenged to study this topic — and he talks all about going on the road and talking to all the great team leaders in the episode.

What was the process like?

Don talks about defining what a great team is — and — choosing who to study.

What are the parallels from Great Sports Teams and Great Business Teams?

It’s your team that is going to make or break your business.

What are the four essential pillars teams use to create the right culture?

  1. Target purpose
  2. Effective management
  3. Activating efficiency
  4. Mutual direction

How are Great Teams able to stay relevant?

  1. Talent comes and goes — Great Teams focus on culture.
  2. The grit — and the glue

Why is leadership the core of the Great Team?

Leadership has to inspire others — trust allows you the opportunity to do something special.

How best to connect with Don: