8 Money Making Opportunities

Many business leaders feel overwhelmed by their digital marketing needs. They worry that they’re not keeping up with the latest advances but fear looking foolish if they ask for help. After 20 years of academic research and private sector experience at Predictive ROI, we’ve developed proven and reliable ways to improve your online revenue that you can do yourself. We call these the 8 Money Makers.

Here are the 8 Money Makers.


The first money maker is adapted from what SUCCESS magazine publisher Darren Hardy calls “the white knight strategy”. Essentially, you take your XYZ statement (for more on the XYZ exercise, see The 8 Money Draining Mistakes) blend it with what you know about your client avatar (again, see The 8 Money Draining Mistakes for more on the client avatar concept), and create a statement that shows prospects that you have the solution to all their pain points.

Serve up your offer in a way that will inspire an emotional response from your client. For example, many of our clients have been burned by so-called experts, so we include a 100 percent guarantee in our statement. This gives people a sense of relief at the low risk involved in their decision to buy. Use your new white knight statement in presentations, articles, proposals, books, training videos, or wherever you make an introduction to your company’s value.


The most valuable asset of any business is the client list.

To build your list you’ve got to develop a screaming cool offer, such as a free pdf, video series, or exclusive audio insights podcast. The value you create must be massive. Don’t hold back.

Share your expertise and keep it focused in the area of your XYZ statement. Then, feature this offer throughout your site for maximum distribution. In our opinion, one of the best tools for maximizing distribution is WP Popup Magic. Very simple to use.? You can find it here. If your value exchange is truly valuable enough, 6 to 13 percent of the visitors to your site will give you their email address just to access what you’re offering.


Once you have someone’s email, you can guide them into what John Jantsch, in his book Duct Tape Marketing, calls “the know, like, and trust funnel”.

Email marketing is the most effective way to build trust relationships with prospects.? By giving, giving, giving to your list through content distribution, you create well-prepared prospects.

Then when you offer something really awesome, like a discounted training program for a very limited time, you get immediate and intense conversions for huge revenue. Make your list members feel like they’re in on an exclusive conversation, like they’re sitting around a campfire among only a select few. When you send these Campfire Effect Emails™, you’ll be amazed at the response. Be sure to base your content on your client avatar’s pain points and your white knight statement.

Stephen Woessner, CEO of Predictive ROI was recently interviewed for SOSHABLE? and asked for his opinion on the 4 statistics business owners needs to focus on for email campaigns. Find the article here. It also provides deeper insights into the Know-Like-Trust funnel and a recent client success.


The form that visitors use to enter their email addresses needs to be in an environment that encourages trust.

What is your form next to on your homepage? Ads? Your blog roll?

Put that lead generating form next to a value exchange, such as an offer for a free download or video. You can even put your credentials adjacent to the form to help instill a sense of security in your qualifications as prospects hand over their contact information.


Continuously seed and open loops for your sales message within your email funnel, blog posts, webinars, and presentations.

Within value based emails, be sure you’re not trying to sell anything. Just offer a tip—for example, one of 47 tips you have for increasing the value of your home. Deliver awesomeness one small piece at a time while mentioning that there are 47 tips total. That opens a loop in their minds, and they’ll be more inclined to read your email next time to learn the next tip. You can also tease your upcoming events, planting a seed that you’ll expand on in a later email dedicated to promoting the event.


When visitors come to your website from Facebook, Twitter, or other social network,? your conversion rate increases dramatically.

In fact, social media visitors are 780 percent more likely to buy from you because they’re already social followers. They’re further along in the know, like, and trust funnel than someone who finds you through a Google search.

We’ve found that if you post twice a day, morning and afternoon, you’ll get and retain the most followers.

Use our six to one ratio for posts: six professional or life posts for every one product or sales post. So create six posts related to events you’ve attended, awards you’ve received, blogs you’ve written, or vacations you’ve taken with your family. Let people get to know you. Then write one post that invites followers to buy now, download an offer, or attend a webinar. Our studies show that this strategy will increase site traffic by 23 percent.


We strongly encourage our clients to use Adroll.com, the leaders in ad retargeting, or re-marketing as it’s sometimes called. Retargeting your ads means that after someone has visited your site but not converted, they’ll see your ads as they click around to other sites. These retargeted ads increase your conversion rates by 600 to 800 percent because they build on the familiarity prospects already have with your website.


Before you make any major change to your site code, conduct A/B testing to see which changes produce positive results in your conversion rate. Online programs like? Visual Website Optimizer help you create a test in a few minutes. We have increased conversion rate by 200 percent through one A/B test. Remember to make one improvement at a time and see how your results change.

By incorporating the 8 Money Makers, you’ll increase leads, conversions, and revenue. A consistent, test-as-you-go method will allow you to see the power of various strategies and start seeing results right away.

None of these strategies require specific expertise—you can do this. But if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’d love to hear from you.

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